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Guest column | Jim Aylward

Guest column: Gov. Rick Scott is an odd duck

In his campaign, Rick Scott said, "Let's get to work!''

Now that he's governor, even those who voted for him are seemingly unhappy with his style. But, showing expensive enamel work, he moved along doing the job he promised to do.

The governor is certainly not a politician, but, he plays the part of one. A politician touches the little folk, handing out plates of reassurance. Rick Scott, however, doesn't bother with that. It's almost as if he just doesn't care. After all, he doesn't have to care. He's got the job. At least for now.

While other governors of other states are eager to get their hands on federal money for high speed rail, he will not have it. If you want to get to Orlando, hire a driver. Then watch the speed limit.

His reasoning is his own. Please, don't question it. If nothing else, he is stubborn, determined and unflinching. Except for those moments when you see him flinch. He's often uncomfortable.

He is a man who ignores his past and seemingly has very little future. Put him in a Rays jersey and hand him a baseball and see him as the boy who wasn't chosen for the team.

Fraud is not one of his favorite words. But, we're not supposed to dwell on that. After all, his mother says, "He's a good boy.'' The problem is he's not such a good governor.

He joins the list of governors in office who want to end collective bargaining for unions and therefore to end the unions, to shut down government and to honor the wealthy. Prosperity for the prosperous.

He's a little like an actor in an old movie by Columbia Pictures. Like George Macready, for example, in Gilda. Or Dan Duryea in whatever. He's the bad guy trying to make us believe he's a charmer. But, we've seen this film before and we know what the end is. It's not pretty.

After continuing bad press, he recently removed himself from his medical holdings. But, he still doesn't worry about picking up the tab. Picking up tabs is not how he got there.

Recently, a story suggested the Scott campaign paid $25,000 to an outfit to dig up dirt on his opponents during the election. The company, then located in Memphis, relocated to Florida and Scott just paid the bill with taxpayers' money. He said no documents exist, so he paid the bill. Huh?

He was on a morning TV show live from the Panhandle telling the host how many beautiful fish he caught that day and insisting there was no oil in Florida waters. He was a beat or two off from the host's questions.

In the days of Father Knows Best, he would have been labeled an odd duck. Today, he's labeled governor.

Jim Aylward lives in west Pasco.

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