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LeMieux's wit and wisdom rings up at $150,000

Who knew George LeMieux was such a sage, such an oracle, such a diviner of wisdom? Why the man is such a literal profit … uh, sorry, prophet of prognostication, all manner of supplicants yearn to receive just a droplet of one of his ruminations.

You would probably love to benefit from the seasoned insights of George LeMieux.

Perhaps you are flummoxed over a stock investment, or whether to purchase an Airedale or a bichon frise? If only you could sit at the knee of George LeMieux to point the way. But alas, you probably can't afford it. And when you are a man so full of brilliance 2.0, you can't just go around dispensing your counsel to anybody for free.

Genius has a price. And in George LeMieux's world the bar code rings up at around $150,000.

The 150 large is the number LeMieux received in his role as a consultant for the Florida Republican Party, after he (you're not supposed to notice this) stopped serving as chief of staff to the GOP's answer to the heretical Galileo, the Obama hugger Gov. Charlie Crist.

For his part, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate insists he earned $150,000 in his role advising the party on how to reach out to Hispanics and African-Americans. And judging from the — to put it mildly — lack of hordes of minority voters tripping over themselves to cast a ballot for, say, Gov. Rick Scott, one might conclude LeMieux's consulting skills might be viewed as just a pinch wanting.

Perhaps a rare cynic among us might suggest LeMieux's $150,000 idea of minority outreach pretty much consisted of devising a strategy for Republicans to play more Aretha Franklin and Julio Iglesias tunes at their pep rallies in The Villages. You never know, it might work.

When former state party chairman Jim Greer was told LeMieux justified his $150,000 air kiss by functioning as a sort of GOP version of Al Sharpton meets Cesar Chavez, he almost did a spit-take rivaling Milton Berle at a Friars Club roast.

Greer suggested LeMieux did less work for the 150K than Kato Kaelin. Instead, Greer noted the six-figure largesse was really little more than a bonus payment for helping Crist, the GOP's answer to Marshal Petain, (and you're really not supposed to notice this) get elected governor.

Greer is currently facing criminal charges for setting up a double, super-secret fundraising operation that funneled $125,000 to himself for apparently doing even less work than LeMieux did for his door prize. So it would be understandable to think Greer is hardly a disinterested figure here.

But since Greer has proven to be somewhat adept at dispensing funds to party potentates with all the accountability of a Libyan weapons arsenal audit, you could think of the former chairman as something of an expert witness.

Besides, LeMieux already had received some $200,000 in state party monies for helping his once (and this one you're really supposed to purge from your memory) great, close, dear friend, buddy and pal Charlie Crist win his primary and the general election for governor.

That was then. This is now, and thus LeMieux tries to pretend he barely knew the former governor and besides he was in Tibet when Crist, or whatever his name is, was elected.

This is the problem for LeMieux, who is running to get back to the Senate, where he served out Mel Martinez's term after being appointed to the seat by (avert your eyes!) his crony, his amigo, his brother-in-arms … yeah, that guy.

After all, while Floridians struggle to survive in this economy, it doesn't look too good for a pol like LeMieux, who runs around blabbing about fiscal responsibility, to be linked to a $150,000 bundle of joy simply for being George LeMieux.

What is it about some of these guys who think they should get a $150,000 prepaid lottery ticket simply for gazing into a mirror?

For at about the same time LeMieux was collecting his tip, Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos was being feted with $152,000 in public money from Brevard Community College to churn out an unreadable, simplistic tome, Florida History & Legislative Processes. A 400-page novel on how to hang up a shirt would have more intellectual heft.

Here's the best part. Greer has hinted the $150,000 gratuity to LeMieux was likely approved by (uh oh) Crist, the GOP's version of the Angel of Death, who was then the titular head of the party.

Or put another way, while LeMieux treats his past association with Crist as if his former mentor was a walking black spot, it seems he had no problem cashing the check.

LeMieux's wit and wisdom rings up at $150,000 10/31/11 [Last modified: Monday, October 31, 2011 6:26pm]
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