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Guest column | Jack B. McPherson

Political slogans won't solve nation's problems

Trade, commerce, and work constitute the foundation of the American spirit. A citizen's willingness to exert the intellectual and physical energy by which to accomplish the production of wealth is the inspiration. Languishing on the sidelines and letting someone else pull the wagon is the drag factor.

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Sitting in the wagon are the deadbeats, the freeloaders and above all the Washington politicians. And when you get right down to it, the Washington politicians are the biggest freeloaders and deadbeats of them all.

Anyone who trusts a politician is in deep trouble. Irrespective of whether they carry the label of Democrat, Republican or independent, the fact of the matter is that the politicians represent no one other than themselves and they use rhetoric, platitudes and fraudulent campaign slogans and promises by which to inveigle the electorate to vote for them so that once the election is over, they can go about their same old chicanery.

Using bumper sticker slogans like "spreading the wealth" and "let's rely on big government to cure our ills" overlooks the fact that the government does not create wealth. It confiscates wealth and siphons it up to Washington where the politicians and bureaucrats use the sweat of our brow by which to dole out a portion, after they have taken a rather generous cut for themselves, to dependent and distressed folks in order to buy their votes at the next election.

The Washington politicians have stolen our freedom through the interstate commerce clause. Like hoodlums in the night, they can steal our earnings and savings. But they cannot steal our spirit and dignity. And somewhere down the road, there will be a rendezvous with destiny for them.

In a few weeks, we'll have the opportunity to take a stand when we go to the polling place to cast our ballots. Irrespective of who gets elected, it is of the utmost importance that the politicians understand that we're not interested in their charismatic nonsense. Our interest is in preserving the welfare of our progeny. At present that issue is in doubt. When the national debt stands at $13.6 trillion, it is 93 percent of our Gross Domestic Product and growing exponentially by the hour. At that rate without responsible people in charge, we are not very far from the precipice over which past civilizations have fallen into oblivion which can be readily verified by referring to the annals of history.

When we go to the polling place, it is imperative that we not sell our votes for a mess of pottage. Nevertheless, when considering the present environment, that issue is in doubt. Where we now stand, we are at the last breastworks of our final defense.

Jack B. McPherson is a New Port Richey attorney.

Political slogans won't solve nation's problems 10/12/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 5:11pm]
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