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Sofa is a snore phobic's dream come true

The sofa set seemed like the perfect fit.

Of course that was in the vast expanse of the fifth showroom hubby and I had strolled through with lurking salesperson in tow.

Shopping for furniture when you're under the gun is an awful chore, something I discovered after promising our old living room set to the oldest, who, after a few years of rooming with an old friend, was getting a place of his own.

Moving day was upon us and I was losing hope when we finally happened upon the oversized floor model with the healthy markdown.

The sofa and accompanying "chair and a half" would meld well with our yellow living room walls, no doubt, along with hubby's beige recliner and my burgundy paisley accent chair. But the fact that I could sprawl to my heart's content on the couch was the clincher; a match made in heaven, I thought, noting the twin-size width that would certainly guarantee nocturnal bliss.

Okay, so I sometimes sleep on the couch. That can be a sign of a shaky marriage — or perhaps a more solid one, for those who share my affliction and understand the value of a good night's sleep. It's certainly better than smothering your snoring partner with a well-placed pillow because you're sleep deprived.

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband. Very much. But after 30 years of sleeping side by side, getting the optimal eight hours of uninterrupted shut-eye is impossible when he's "sawing wood."

It's not all his fault. I happen to be a light sleeper.

Most nights I find myself "shushing," shoving and growling "Roll over" after a sudden snort blasts me awake. I've tried earplugs and chamomile tea and on occasion, popped an Excedrin PM. He's done his part: nose sprays, pricey nose strips and even a sleep study that cost over $400 out of pocket and brought the diagnosis of mild sleep apnea, something traditionally treated with "behavioral changes" such as losing weight (not really an issue) or sleeping on your side (more shoving from me).

So nodding out on the old living room couch became a pleasant alternative, one that guaranteed me ample hours of rest and a sunnier disposition as I watched the dark circles under my eyes fade away.

But the new living room set turned out to be an interior decorator's nightmare when it first arrived in our modest-sized living room. The giant sofa with a bevy of pillows takes up an entire wall, dwarfs the recliner and the paisley chair, and has forced us to come up with some creative rearranging ideas for things like the end table that no longer fits. And the accompanying chair and a half? Since we weren't into the wall-to-wall furniture look, well, that has been banished to another room.

I admit it's a bit of an awkward look, one that would never make it into Better Homes and Gardens. I don't care. For me, the big, comfy couch has turned out to be a perfect fit.

Night-night, sleep tight.

Michele Miller can be reached at or at (727) 869-6251.

Sofa is a snore phobic's dream come true 06/14/09 [Last modified: Sunday, June 14, 2009 4:30am]
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