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Teachers forced to be social workers/wardens/entertainers

When a teacher has enough Dec. 6

Teachers forced to be babysitters

Who can blame teacher Neil Cammardella for leaving his job at Gibbs High School? Maybe the fact that the kids wouldn't (or couldn't) read the assignments was one reason. Another possible contributing factor might be the realization that for a large number of kids, school is simply a waste of their precious time, a place to goof off, text their friends, listen to their iPods and dream of their "freedom." (Freedom to be unemployed, most likely.)

Instead of teaching, he most likely found himself babysitting and attempting to maintain some semblance of order. That gets real old real quick.

I graduated with a master's degree in elementary education from USF St. Petersburg two years ago, and while I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, I was dismayed to find myself mentally unprepared for what awaited me in the real world. After two student internships and a lot of substituting (at all grade levels) I've come to the conclusion that being a public school teacher in Pinellas County is a lot more like being a social worker/warden/entertainer than being a teacher. While the pay isn't great, it is not about the money. It is about the lack of respect and motivation on the part of a lot of students.

Unless we as a society begin to demand more, we will get exactly what we are getting now: apathetic students and uninvolved parents, pathetic test scores and an entire generation of underachieving, disenfranchised children who are in for a very rude awakening when they enter the "real world" and discover that not many employers are going to put up with their sorry attitudes.

Jennie Ibarguen, St. Petersburg

Some question giving $300,000 to tent city | Dec. 5

Pinellas Hope is efficient, valuable

Regarding anyone objecting to this help for Pinellas Hope, Betty Hover can be smug while enjoying the comfort of her own subsidized housing. She should trade places with any of the deserving residents who live in tents and would prefer permanent housing

I have visited Pinellas Hope many times and know that the entire operation is very efficient, reaching many of our citizens (many of whom are veterans) with the least cost.

Ray Kerker, Largo

Raking in rubles in Kenneth City

I just read that Kenneth City will become the first Pinellas city to add traffic-light cameras, citing "safety." I suppose this is really needed, what with all the traffic visiting Winn-Dixie, Kmart and, of course, let's not forget the vacant Twistee Treat. You add a whole other dimension to the concept of "two-bit speed trap"!

Are you planning on building some monument with all the rubles you hope to bring in, comrades?

F. Hatchett, Largo

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