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Guest column | Dr. Rao Musunuru

Thankful for being a miracle creation

Thanksgiving is a season for giving thanks! That got me thinking, for what am I thankful? A lot of things, of course. If I have to pick one, I am thankful for being born — as a human being.

I am thankful to the creator for giving life to one of the most technologically advanced machines that was ever built. I marvel at the cardiovascular system, the most efficient pump ever created with its one-way valves, mini electric generators, micro wiring, and nano pipelines. I am amazed by the lungs, the most brilliant gas exchange apparatus ever envisioned.

I am impressed with the digestive system, the most effective blender, grinder, mixer, extractor and absorber, all in one. I am fascinated by the kidneys, the most efficacious filter system ever manufactured.

I am bewildered by the musculoskeletal system, a smart, slick and strong mechanical system. I am astonished by the skin, in all its beautiful shades, the best protective coating ever fashioned.

I am perplexed by the eyes, the most advanced digital camera ever made, processing the colors and configurations in their most vivid and vibrant forms, with instant development, immediate retrieval, immaculate transfer, infinite storage and indefinite recall.

Just to mention a few of the outstanding features of this marvelous machine, called human — some of which we share with different living species. What a masterpiece of creation with all its built-in backups and reserves, defense systems and compensatory mechanisms, reparative and regenerative processes. It is mind-boggling that all this advanced technology existed within us for many tens of thousands of years.

I am so proud and fond of this ultimate incredible machine, I take all necessary steps for preventive maintenance. I avoid misuse and I resist abuse.

I take advantage of every asset I have. I constantly think of my duties and responsibilities to myself, my fellow beings and to all other creations in nature.

I cannot disappoint the master maker, who designed this magnificent and miraculous machine, with all its improvements over the previous models. I am thankful for who I am and I am determined to play my part well during my existence.

I carefully searched and found a smaller but stronger unit with compatible features and complementary functions that the master designer created especially for me. Together, we reproduced responsibly, replicating a new and improved version. All of a sudden, we realized our creator has switched on another function geared to protect, promote and preserve the newer version, constantly correcting all the leftover imperfections.

We the humans are born rich, with all the built-in technological advances, with emotions thrown in as a bonus. We can imagine anything we want (good or bad) and we can almost do anything we wish (with training, talent, hard work and humility in the right proportions).

I am determined to think of only good and to do only what is right. I am thankful to the creator for giving me the human brain, the most powerful and sophisticated computer ever built with the best logic circuits, to know the difference.

Dr. Rao Musunuru of Bayonet Point is the recipient of the American Heart Association's 2005 national physician of the year award and 2007 national volunteer advocate of the year award.

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