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Gun range plan not well thought out

New gun range not thought out

I'm really excited that a new gun range suggested by County Commissioner Henry Wilson would encourage tourists to come to Pasco to hone their skills, with full support from NRA supporters and Bill Bunting. Pasco gun shops could increase employment, selling more ammo and guns. Maybe an expanded gun show for Pasco so more people could buy handguns and assault rifles without the inconvenience of a background check. I can envision new signs on U.S. 19 advertising the latest tourist attraction for Pasco, a state-of-the-art gun range. Bring your AK-47 and AR-15 and blaze away.

Commissioner Wilson failed to mention gun ranges are heavily protected by laws passed by the NRA and, once established, little or nothing can be done about noise, errant rounds, lead contamination of ground fowl, the ground itself or ground water. Just ask the people who live around the range near Dade City and their problem with errant rounds falling around where their children played. The sheriff and the gun range said it was a civil matter.

Many will remember how the NRA pushed through a law that makes taxpayers pay to clean the lead from all Florida gun ranges and the NRA's firearms pre-emption law recently passed again strengthened criminal and civil protection for all activities at gun ranges.

I support an adequate facility to train only law enforcement. There are plenty of other ranges for civilians. If the current facility is inconvenient, that's not a good reason to build new one. It's painfully obvious Commissioner Wilson hasn't done his homework about gun ranges, so if he wants to promote this idea he had better hit the books.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Posturing in the real world Dan DeWitt column, Aug. 10

Fiscal prudence isn't a radical idea

I find it remarkable that Mr. DeWitt would characterize people as extremist and radical because they favor a cut, cap and balance amendment. When considering that such a measure is designed to prevent excessive spending by the Washington politicians, I gather he believes it to be acceptable and responsible for such wild spending to continue unabated. That being the case, it is understandable why Mr. DeWitt would consider it extremist and radical for someone to advocate fiscal responsibility in government.

Mr. DeWitt excoriates U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent because of his "cruel refusal to consider tax increases on the wealthy" and he seems to believe that hard-working, frugal people, who have saved their untaxed earnings, are the cause of this "terrifying economy." It would have been helpful if Mr. DeWitt had explicitly identified these cruel, heartless wealthy people and if he had shared with us his definition of wealth.

Mr. DeWitt meticulously ignores the fact that it was big government spending which produced the $14.6 trillion debt that now hangs like an albatross around the necks of the American people. Quite obviously, he believes that people who were prudent and frugal in saving their earnings should now, like the cavalry, ride in to the rescue by having their earnings confiscated by the Washington politicians. And, of course, beyond that, there's always the issuance of more treasury bonds and the printing of exorbitant volumes of new money, which will condemn our descendents to generations of indentured servitude.

For Mr. DeWitt's information, there are those of us out here who are not actively involved in politics but who nevertheless share the conservative values of the tea party folks. Perhaps, in his future writings, Mr. DeWitt will refrain from calling us extremists and radicals simply because we don't share his point of view.

Jack B. McPherson, New Port Richey

Democrats the ones posturing

Mr. DeWitt says, "even the most nonpartisan observer would have a hard time avoiding the conclusion: This folks was the fault of the Republicans and specifically the right wing that now dominates the party."

Let me get this straight: the Republicans have been the ones proposing ideas to deal with the debt and deficit and the Democrats have not once proposed any ideas except to say that the tea party is radical and dangerous and the Republicans want to throw grandma and grandpa off a cliff and he dares to sit there and write that the Republicans are posturing?

Look, there is no question that the Bush Administration got us into this mess. I am not going to argue on that point, but under President Obama and the Democrats they made things much worse with deeper debt, and higher deficits.

Let's face some hard truths here: we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. This so-called agreement basically does little in dealing with the debt problem and as much as I like Rep. Rich Nugent he should have voted "no.'' We need to slash our spending and to make sure that those people really in need get the help. I also see no problem raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires, not on people starting at over $250,000 like President Obama wants.

Unfortunately, you are not going to get ideas about solving our debt and deficit from the Democrats because they really don't have ideas and are basically in denial. Why else would they call the tea party people names? That is what people who defend failed policies and have no idea do: they call people names.

Peter Stathis, Spring Hill

Tea party didn't cause the disaster

I fell on the floor laughing when I read Dan DeWitt's conclusion that the tea party folks caused the disaster we are having today. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The last two administrations, Bush and Obama, coupled with the failed U.S. Congress, have caused the problem. All have been fiscally irresponsible and have taken our nation to the brink.

Any fool can spend money and the past two regimes, coupled with Congress, have demonstrated clearly they are fools. Spending money we don't have seems to be no problem with the failed politicians destroying our country.

History will demonstrate that the tea party and Rep. Rich Nugent have tried to put a halt to the nonsense coming out of Washington. Hopefully, they will succeed, but the deal struck will not put us on the road to solving our problems.

Paul St. George, Spring Hill

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