Friday’s letters: Regain respect for the opinions of others

Published August 1 2018
Updated August 2 2018

ĎIn the belly of the beastí | Aug. 2

Respect the opinions of others

Watching President Donald Trumpís latest rally in Tampa, I once again witnessed a shameful exhibition of hatred and discord. I saw those who mocked a CNN reporter with vulgar chants as well as those proudly displaying their middle fingers for all the world to see. A Trump rally is about dividing our country rather than unifying it. There is no message of unity or reaching out and addressing the concerns of all Americans, just more red meat for his angry mob of minions.

One of the things that makes our country great is our cultural diversity and difference of opinions. But when we stop listening to each other and resort to vitriol and immature behavior, then we all lose. And to be fair, this goes for everyone as there have also been unwarranted displays of hatred that anti-Trump protesters have unfortunately chosen to express. Lowering oneself to the childish behavior of those you disagree with resolves nothing.

Iím only 57 and yet I can still remember a time when people would engage in respectful meaningful discussions on the issues that affect every single one of us such as affordable health care and education, jobs that pay a sustainable wage, humane immigration laws, the economy, tax laws that are fair for all Americans and responsible gun control laws, just to name a few. We were able to express our point of view without resorting to sophomoric insults and screaming at each other.

We didnít give people the middle finger because their views differed from our own. Unfortunately, Trump continues to fan the flames of animosity toward the press and acrimony towards those who are critical of him or his political agenda and that, in my opinion, is hardly making America great again.

John Honoski, Trinity

ĎFake newsí and real disgust

President Donald Trumpís rally in Tampa was a disgraceful example of people acting badly: treating a journalist trying to do his job so disrespectfully was an embarrassment to our state; an angry mob-like attack on free speech. This has gotten out of hand. This behavior comes right from the administration and the constant rant about "fake news."

Susan Hudson, Port Richey

ĎStop this rigged witch hunt,í Trump tweets
at AG Sessions | Aug. 2

Give us this day, no tweets

Why does President Donald Trump feel the need to dominate the news every single day?

Dear Mr. POTUS, do you have the self-control to give America a rest, and for just one day not tweet anything?

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

Number of people told to flee
from wildfires hits 15K | July 31

Make the planet great again

I am concerned about our planet with all the wildfires, pollution in the air and waters and the extinction of our animals. God did not put dividing lines to mark our countriesí boundaries. We did. But he did put us on this planet, I do believe, to be good stewards of this unique and wonderful place we call home. I understand that our government is too large and we need to decentralize and hold states more accountable on certain issues. But the environment is one our country cannot ignore. We need the influence and backing of our president who wants to "make America great again." Other countries are also holding us accountable.

The United States is impacting our planet with an environmental footprint that is a disaster and greater than most countries. This is the other side of progress, the side that cannot be ignored any longer. Can the United States lead in making our planet great again?

Emily J. Dowd, Tampa

Feds cite safety, freeze
mileage standards | Aug. 2

Carmakers as kingmakers

Why is the GOP so friendly to the auto industry?

The industry didnít have much of a reputation for safety, efficiency or durability until the feds got on their case. American cars are much better now.

But letís face it, who can provide the billions of dollars needed to win national elections?

Money equals power, and since there is no powerful labor movement in the United States anymore, the way is clear for greed to triumph.

John Chico, St. Petersburg