Hernando Letters to the Editor for Feb. 2

Published January 30

County planner overstepping?

At the Hernando County Commission meeting on Jan. 23, Hernando County Senior Planner Michelle Miller said: "We are targeting landlords of Kass Circle."

She wants them to join a registry where code could keep an eye on them, etc. She wants to have a farmers’ market that would compete with Save A Lot, and pop-up sidewalk cafes competing with The Press Box and Nina’s.

A business owner said he pays for Kass clean up in his rent. He appeared to be angry about being asked to volunteer to clean up other areas of Kass Circle. Another business owner complained about homeless people asking to use her bathroom.

Michelle wants to create a business association for Kass Circle and to market (businesses). When is it the county’s responsibility to do the marketing for businesses in the county?

The cost of Michelle Miller’s salary and county resources being used are much more than the $500 allocated to the Kass Circle (Community Redevelopment Agency grant).

Where are the boundaries between individuals, businesses and Hernando County?

Joan Lynch, Spring Hill

Re: Changes coming to Spring Hill | Jan. 26

I would hope that one of the considerations for approval of all of these developments include provisions for rooftop solar energy collection and use.

One consideration would be how much roof space on the commercial buildings would be given to the installation and use of solar energy to defray the cost of heating, cooling and use of the buildings no matter what their use — manufacturing, office, retail space, whatever.

Another consideration would be to cover the parking lots with solar-panel roofs to provide electrical power and shade for public and employee parking, which would be especially attractive during the hot summer months.

Both of these things could be done during construction, not as more expensive add-ons later.

G.B. Leatherwood, Spring Hill