Hernando Letters to the Editor for July 13

Published July 9 2018
Updated July 9 2018

Re: School meals for all students | July 6 story

Parents should pay for their own

That article really got me to thinking ... why canít parents feed and care for their own children? When did it become othersí responsibility to do this? No one fed our three children meals in school; that was up to us, the parents.

Our son had five kids in school, all at the same time, and we had three. Come on, parents need to get their priorities straight.

And for Lori Drenth to say she was looking forward to the day she could feed all kids for free ó really, for free? Is she paying for all the free food? Did it drop out of the sky?

Last time I looked, nothing is free; someone has to pay for it.

Kathie Williams, Brooksville