Hernando letters to the editor for Dec. 22

Published December 20 2017
Updated December 20 2017

Tortoises are being harassed, destroyed

I live in Springwood Estates in Hernando County, and am having problems with people destroying what I believe are protected tortoises.

Last week I called Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission about a tortoise being harassed and destroyed, but they never showed up.

Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent further destruction?

Walter Morrissey, Brooksville

Water, garbage billing plan will hurt snowbirds

The Hernando County Board of Commissioners recently voted to place water and garbage fees on your annual tax bill. While this is not a bad idea in theory, in reality it will sock it to those of you who are snowbird residents, absent for months at a time, if you put your services on hold while away.

Apparently, only Commissioner Nick Nicholson cares enough about his absentee constituents to raise the unfairness of this issue.

Why should resident snowbirds pay for services they are not receiving? For some, this will amount to an added tax of hundreds of dollars over the summer months.

Call your local commissioners (John Allocco, Wayne Dukes, Jeff Holcomb and Steve Champion) and tell them to right the wrong they unwittingly voted for before itís too late. Ask them if they work for you or for Republic Services.

If they remain recalcitrant, perhaps they should change their political party affiliations to Republic from Republican.

Jeff Stabins, Spring Hill