Sunday, October 21, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday’s letters: A gun or a vote: danger is relative

ĎI went off the deep endí | Aug. 10

A gun or a vote: danger is relative

At the demonstrable risk of having someone lose his fragile temper, grab his guns, storm out his door and speed to my home to shoot me for saying so (and why NOT, Florida Legislature?), Iíll say this:

Clearly, felons who have paid their debts to society pose less of a threat with their votes than the average non-felon Florida imbecile with a gun.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg

Plastic guns spread despite
court order | Aug. 4

Confine 3-D guns to fiction

As I read the article about the fight for allowing the technical specs of how to make a 3-D gun to be released, all I could think of was a classic Clint Eastwood movie in which the assassin was going to use a wooden gun to kill the president.

So many times predictions from movies, music and literature have somehow found a way to come true. Letís not encourage another one so easily.

James Jones, Tampa

Voters will decide whether to modify
parks, waterfront | Aug. 10

Donít unwind protections

I support Tampa Bay Watch and would gladly vote to provide a long lease for their Marine Education Center at the new Pier. However, I am uncomfortable voting in favor of a blanket doubling of the maximum lease term (from five years to 10) for the entire north side of the Pier approach.

There is a reason our city charter has such a restrictive lease requirement. Itís to discourage over-development of the waterfront park system. Each project requiring a longer than compliant lease term should be subject to its own referendum (e.g., the Dali Museum).

Blanket modifications of the city charter, as they relate to our waterfront parks, are likely to lead to unintended consequences.

Hal Freedman, St. Petersburg

Aerial art to billow at Pier | Aug. 3

Not sold on Echelman work

Call it what you will, but an upside-down parachute of colorful silk blowing in the breeze is neither "art" to me nor a "sculpture." Not unless I become senile and as gullible as whoever else wants to call that a sculpture, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars (or was it millions?), and hang it like a line of colorful laundry at a popular, waterfront park.

I am reminded automatically of the "Emperorís New Clothes" ó if you say it is a sculpture and call it art, we all concur and clap our hands with glee. In fact, it is a gross distraction from what is truly beautiful: the natural beauty around us that didnít cost a million dollars.

What foolishness is this?

LJ Phillips, Brooksville

Concealed weapons permits

Job for law enforcement

Why is the Florida Department of Agriculture in charge of handling concealed carry permits? If the purpose is to determine who is fit to have one, shouldnít that be the job of law enforcement?

Park Chapman, St. Petersburg


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