Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Monday’s letters: Bring back the ferry, kick-start transit

Cross bay, but who’ll pay? | June 8

Ferry could be a gateway to transit

It’s great news that St. Petersburg is committed to bringing back the world class cross bay ferry service. What a common-sense and practical thing to do in order to ease us into a region-wide transit system.

If funding is still an issue, why don’t the major sports teams and other organizations help fund it? Certainly, baseball and hockey fans will use a ferry that gets them to the venue without a car, as will concert and event attendees at Amalie Arena. Rays fans will benefit regardless of their location on either side of the bay.

While we’re at it, I sure hope that contingency plans are being developed to install a ferry station at the end of the new Pier. And if we restore the downtown streetcar in St. Pete like Tampa is doing, we will have a 15-to-20-mile long transit line, without raising taxes, when we connect the ferry line to the streetcars.

Jeannie Cline, St. Petersburg

Vote centers could sprout
for elections | June 5

Keep ballot access a priority

I understand that changing from neighborhood voting sites to regional ones might be more cost effective, but I am concerned that we are again disenfranchising low-income voters without transportation, particularly black and Hispanic voters, as well as some seniors who no longer drive.

A better solution, if Florida wants to cut costs, would be having everyone vote by mail, like Oregon, Washington and Colorado. This provides everyone with an equal opportunity to vote, whether they have transportation or not, and would be far more cost-effective than staffing polling places for early voting and election day.

M. Diane Hodson, St. Petersburg

Declining fertility rate worrisome | June 4

Overpopulation is problem

I found this editorial disturbing. When I was born 66 years ago in 1952 the population of the U.S. was around 156 million and the world population was around 2.6 billion. This year the population of the U.S. is around 329 million and the world’s is around 7.6 billion. Lack of people is not the problem.

I believe too many people is the root cause of most of our problems — climate change, loss of wildlife habit and urban sprawl to name a few. It is true that the change in demographics can cause other problems. But we are still a country to which people want to immigrate. We just need to pick immigrants who are young and productive and add value to the tax base.

Brad Stern, Clearwater

Death of Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain opened eyes, minds

I don’t have an idol, but Anthony Bourdain was as close to one for me as they come. While his show, "Parts Unknown," may have glorified unique cuisine, it was really about people and culture. He used food as a means of meeting new people and listening to their stories only to find we’re more alike than different.

One of his recent shows about West Virginia was eye-opening for me as it took me out of my bubble and showed me what people there struggle with daily.

I aspire to try all food, meet all walks of life, and listen to amazing stories. Bourdain made a living doing just that and educated us all.

Lucas Levine, Bradenton


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