Pasco Letters to the Editor for Sept. 7

Published September 10 2018
Updated September 10 2018

Re: Pedestrian deaths rising again | Sept. 7

This is no surprise

It is surprising that more people arenít killed trying to cross U.S. 19 on foot.

I often cross U.S. 19 at Flora to get to Home Depot or Holiday Mower. This involves first looking back to make sure no one is turning north on U.S. 19 from Flora while they look south at oncoming traffic and run me over. Then I have to dodge the multitude of vehicles emerging from Home Depot, turning north on U.S. 19 from Flora and crossing my crosswalk.

It is most exciting. If I fail to outlive my father ó he made it to 91; I am 77 ó it probably will be because I got killed at this intersection.

It is much safer to cross U.S. 19 between lights to the north near Panorama. I just wait for a gap in the traffic and walk to the median. Then I wait for another gap in traffic and cross the southbound lanes.

One solution would be pedestrian overpasses, but you would need one at every major intersection. At $3 million apiece (as you quote), we wonít be seeing many of these soon. Another solution would be good mass transit. But our tight-fisted municipalities and taxpayers wonít boost our meager, infrequent bus services, never mind pay for trolleys, light rail, rapid transit, etc.

If we had mass transit comparable to the San Francisco Bay area, we would have a lot fewer cars on the road and a lot fewer dead pedestrians.

Pete Wilford, Holiday