Pasco letters to the editor for Dec. 22

Published December 20 2017
Updated December 20 2017

County fails to protect community

On Nov. 28, Pasco County approved Dr. James P. Gills Jr.ís Seven Diamonds 25-year limestone permit, even though multiple residents spoke about the impacts to their homes, deteriorating well water, and overwhelming dump truck traffic from Lago Verde Mine and Seven Diamonds sand mine on two-lane US 41.

Prior to the hearing, each commissioner individually received huge binders that included pictures, affidavits, firsthand accounts on blasting impacts, damage, well impacts, reduced property values, noise, dangerous dump truck traffic on two-lane U.S. 41 from the current mines and the potential for sinkholes.

Limestone blasting impacts are being felt at a greater distance than stated by the mine "expert" paid by Seven Diamonds.

When residents spoke about the "earthquake" impacts to their homes and wells, the mine "expert" insulted all of us by stating it was perception and that in reality it was more like a door slamming.

Then the mine lawyer got up and said that as laymen experiencing these impacts, we arenít experts and so our voices donít count.

Mike Moore, Mike Wells, Ron Oakley, and Kathryn Starkey sided with the multimillionaires by approving a third mine here and once again failed to protect this community.

Stefanie Schatzman, Spring Hill

Re: Does Holiday need a new name? | Dec. 15 column

Idea to rename Holiday is outrageous

I just finished reading C.T. Bowenís article about possibly renaming the town of Holiday and my utter outrage at this proposal has urged me to write to you. Instead of confusing and annoying residents with a pointless and outrageously expensive, time-consuming name change, how about demolishing abandoned buildings, taking care of code violations or getting rid of the drug houses and criminals in the area?

Capitalize on the lovely name of Holiday by decorating the town and promoting it for the winter holidays.

Do not force every Holiday resident and business to have to change their driverís license, registrations, banking information and every little thing with their address on it.

Help Holiday instead of hurting it.

Linda Lyles, Port Richey