Pasco letters to the editor for Dec. 29

Published December 26 2017
Updated December 27 2017

Re: Does Holiday need a new name? | Dec. 15 column

Name change won’t affect demographics

I found C.T. Bowen’s article on the name change very interesting. However, changing a name of this community will not change the demographics one wit.

Also, have you people given any thought to why 46 percent of the people in Holiday are unemployed? Surely you must know that most of these people are retired. These people chose this area because that is what they could afford, and their income was adequate at the time of their retirement and has eroded over time.

The fact that one in four live in poverty is probably related to the low income and public housing that the county placed here. That the county then turns around and calls the area economically distressed is laughable, since they contributed greatly to that. I don’t see them placing any low income housing in the Wesley Chapel area. Why is that? Ask the County Commission that, I’m sure the answer will be a super spin.

If Pasco County wishes to improve and rejuvenate Holiday, all it needs to do is enforce its codes. Cleaning the weeds and trash from our roads would greatly improve the area’s look.

When people see the county doing its job and cleaning the public areas, they will start cleaning their own properties. People are willing to do their part but the county must do theirs, especially in the older developments of the county.

Steve Rehlinger, Holiday

Re: Does Holiday need a new name? | Dec. 15 column

Leave the name Holiday alone

I read with great interest the article in the Pasco Times regarding changing the name of Holiday to something else.

1. No matter how Holiday’s name came about, labeling the area as "economically distressed" is not a true picture. The ZIP code 34690 was mentioned. What about the ZIP code 34691, which is Holiday, too?

2. What about the communities of Ballie’s Bluff, Ibis, Vista Lakes, Gulf Trace, Key Vista, Sand Bay, Gulf Winds?

If Kelly Miller of the Colonial Hills Civic Association is so unhappy with the perception of her community, then change the name of Elfers and areas east of U.S. 19. If they are truly a community in recovery, then maybe a new name would be a good thing — for them.

Changing the name of Holiday would be a giant mistake for our community. Any change would affect our postal addresses, maps, GPS, census, voter registration, driver’s licenses and so on.

Changing the name is not going to change the public’s perception of the area, nor the economy.

We love our little slice of rural Florida. We know that it is going to change, but leave our Holiday name alone. We are proud to live in Holiday.

Linda Butler, Holiday

Facebooks is no place to post arrest photos

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has a history of posting degrading and unnecessary social media posts about people who have been arrested. I do not believe that arrest photos and mug shots should be posted on social media and certainly not the way the sheriff’s office does it.

I realize that arrest records are public information, but there is a difference between going to find the information and having it automatically show up in your Facebook feed. The Facebook posts often are written in an attempt to publicly shame those arrested, which is an antiquated and ineffective way of shaping behavior. The sheriff’s office also seems to be selective in which mug shots they post. And then there’s that basic American principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

On Dec. 19, the sheriff’s office added a Facebook post requesting information on the whereabouts of Tori Maurency in the two weeks before she was found deceased. The post included identifying information, details of her criminal record and her mug shot. I respect the need to gather information, but I believe this could have been handled differently. In fact, the Tampa Bay Times posted an article regarding the request for information and was able to leave out specifics of her arrest record and did not include any photos.

Regardless of her circumstances, behavior, or arrest record, Tori Maurency is someone’s daughter, could be someone’s sister or mother, and likely is someone’s friend or partner. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has shown zero amount of regard for human dignity, although I’m sure the claim will be just the opposite. They have much more effective ways of gathering information than posting on Facebook. And if they don’t, then all the more to my point.

Kelly Smith, Wesley Chapel