Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Saturday’s letters: Bill Clinton is why we have Trump

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Sultans of self-pity | June 7

Bill Clinton is why we got Trump

Frank Bruni said he would "take Clinton over Trump in any role on any day. Trump is the Everest of delusion and depravity; Clinton ascended only a bit beyond base camp." His ridiculous opinion is exactly why Trump became president.

Bill Clinton almost ended up in the White house again along with Hillary, who berated and mocked the many women he abused, including a rape accusation, and Bill and Hillary got a pass for 20 years thanks to the Democratic Party. Harvey Weinstein was also Hillary’s good friend, not to mention all the Hollywood elites who knew about Weinstein yet looked the other way as he continued to abuse women.

Trump’s alleged affair was consensual if it happened at all, as Stormy Daniels first denied any affair and then changed her mind when she could cash in and get the publicity she wanted.

Daniel Ruth is right, America is unhinged, mainly because Democrats refuse to admit that Trump won the election and claim those who voted for him are deplorable! Trump won Florida with 49 percent of the popular vote — a 1.2 percent margin. Why don’t we all move on and try to get along? Even the New York Times declared that they have run out of words to describe how good the job numbers are under Trump.

Kathryn Glynn, Sun City Center

Trump tariffs undercut Scott | June 7

Real threat: hockey pucks

President Trump’s tariffs may undercut Gov. Rick Scott, but our national security must take priority over state interests, especially when it comes to protecting us from Canada.

Our neighbor to the north is a clear and present danger to America’s national security because of their snow-making machines at the border that blow tons of snow on our northern states, causing endless disruptions. Also, in addition to putting tariffs on steel and aluminum, Trump should completely bar importing Canadian bacon and Canada Dry Ginger Ale, which could be poisoned if an all-out war breaks out.

But that won’t address the current problem of Canadians gathering at the border armed with hockey pucks ready to attack any American who crosses. If you’ve ever been hit with a hockey puck, you know it hurts. But ultimately, Trump should invade and annex Canada and turn each province into a separate U.S. state — even though Trump probably can’t name most or any of them.

Frank Lupo, St. Petersburg

Court decision on gay rights,
religion murky | June 5

Freedom for all religions?

Be careful what you wish for. Those who are celebrating the decision of the Supreme Court for the baker to refuse service to a gay couple might want to reconsider.

As the letter states, religious people have a right to follow their religious convictions but the underlying message I keep getting is that Christians have a right to follow their religious convictions.

What happens when the religion is not Christian? About 10 years ago, a large group of Muslim taxis drivers in Minneapolis started to refuse to pick up riders at bars because their religion banned liquor. As I recall, the taxi drivers were given a choice: either pick up riders from bars or find another job.

Remember religious convictions cut all different ways.

Elizabeth Belcher, Seffner

Hillsborough teachers pact
is generous | June 7, editorial

It’s not generous to teachers

How can you call this agreement generous? The union negotiated a raise three years ago that was supposed to be given this past year. When it came time to give the $4,000 a year raise, the district decided on $92 a year instead.

This agreement now is that the district will not pay the full increase, but will cheat the teachers out of $1,400 for the year instead of $3,908. And whether or not the teachers get the raise next year is up in the air.

How "generous " is that?

Jean McKnight, Palm Harbor

The anguish of a boy
taken from his father | June 8

Break the law, lose your kid

How can anyone blame the Trump administration for separating a child from his parent when the parent breaks the law by entering the country illegally and brings his or her child along with them?

Do they know how many American citizens are separated from their children because they broke the law and are sitting in jail? Hundreds of thousands, and not all of them are there because of serious felonies.

Why should illegals be treated any differently? If I decided to go out and steal a car, shoplift or burglarize a house, I certainly wouldn’t take my child along with me.

John Waitman, Palm Harbor

Debate pits Gwen vs. the men | April 19

A topic that can’t be ignored

The first Democratic gubernatorial debate touched on many important issues, from gun violence to education, but failed to address one of the fundamental issues affecting Florida: climate change.

Our changing environment is directly impacted by man-made expansion of fossil fuel development. Although the national discussion has focused on opening up coastal waters to offshore drilling, the first debate failed to ask the candidates about how they would address our over-reliance on drilling.

With a tourism-based economy, specifically dependent upon the pristine beauty of our beaches, coastlines and springs network, I find it difficult to understand how the moderators could have ignored this topic. Florida’s infrastructure is strained; we’ve seen the disastrous impacts of the BP oil spill and strengthening storm systems every year. How can Floridians decide on the highest officer in the state without understanding their stances on continued fossil fuel development?

It’s up to us, the voters, to demand that our leaders address this crucial issue. Florida’s future depends on it.

Brooke Errett, St. Petersburg

The writer is Florida organizer for Food & Water Action.


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