Thursday, September 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Tuesday’s letters: A zombie campaign contribution was actually refunded to me

Zombie cash still flows | Aug. 20

Cash came back from dead

The report about zombie campaigns about how politicians siphon off funds for personal use struck a chord in me — actually a positive chord. Bob Buesing was one of the early Democratic Party entries in this year’s Florida Senate District 18 race. I sent him a small donation of $200 because I agreed with his stance on education, gun control and other issues. He then withdrew his candidacy in favor of Janet Cruz. I just assumed that the donation I had made was effectively gone. Imagine my surprise when I received a very nice long letter from him thanking me for my support and a check refunding most of my donation. He had only deducted an amount proportionate to the campaign expenses he had incurred. I cannot state just how impressed I am with his integrity in doing this and that he did it in a timely manner.

John McMichael, Tampa

Trump’s two-win
Tuesday | Ed Rogers column, Aug. 31

What will independents do?

It is good to see a cogent conservative writer replacing the late Charles Krauthammer in Mr. Rogers (pun intended). But his column misses two salient points. First, the African-American community voted as a bloc for Andrew Gillum. One can only hope that community has finally discovered the electoral power it truly has.

The second point missed is that the Florida is a closed primary state; with no party affiliation, 27 percent of registered voters could not participate in the nominating process. There must be some doubt as to whether President Donald Trump’s support represents a significant number in that 27 percent.

Raymond Campbell, St. Petersburg

Yes, Trump won twice

I agree with columnist Ed Rogers that the Republicans and President Donald Trump won twice on Tuesday. In my opinion, it will take a record-breaking turnout for the Democrats to win the governor’s seat this November. Plus it will take some help from disgruntled Republicans. Any liberal who does not believe that Florida is now a red state is gazing through blue-tinted glasses. I will go one further and make this prediction: If the Democrats do not win the governor’s race in Florida this November, Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

Michael Harris, Safety Harbor

Sen. John McCain

What McCain stood for

The late Sen. John McCain believed America is great by virtue of the fact that it was founded on a great idea. Unlike other nations, America was not founded on bonds of blood or race or religion or tribe but on the ideals of freedom, equality and self-government.

Sen. McCain was an American, first and foremost, not a Republican, first and foremost. For him, party affiliation was secondary. He saw Democrats as fellow Americans working to uphold American ideals.

In concert with his fellow Americans in the Senate, he worked to do what he saw as best for all Americans. His vision should be the vision of all in Washington. If it is lost, so is the country.

Ernest Bartow, St. Petersburg

For president, loyalty is hard to find | Aug. 25

Speak truth to power

Demanding loyalty from staff says a lot about President Donald Trump. So, he doesn’t want free-thinking people to advise him?

David Anderson, St. Petersburg


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Editorial cartoons for Sept. 18

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