Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Tuesday’s letters: Fewer guns would reduce suicides

U.S. under suicide watch | June 8

Fewer guns mean fewer suicides

It is a fact that deserves more attention, but got only one sentence in the article about the U.S. "suicide watch:" "The most common method used across all groups was firearms."

I spent over 10 years working in a mental health hospital where every day we saw people having suicidal thoughts. People who attempt suicide sometimes survive and have a chance to get the help they need. Unless they use a gun.

Very few people who attempt suicide with a gun get that second chance at life. A firearm is a highly lethal and effective way for a person to take their own life. It has been well-documented that more restrictive gun control legislation in Australia resulted in a decline of firearm deaths, but a large share of that decline was in the rate of suicide.

There are many complicated factors involved in the increasing suicide rate in this country, but two dots are very simple to connect: If guns were less readily available, there would be fewer suicides.

Jonathan Jaberg, Largo

The anguish of a boy
taken from his father | June 8

Weep for what U.S. is doing

The story of 5-year-old Jose left me weeping for him, his family and the state of our country. How far we have fallen as a nation when we use children as pawns in a war against immigrants? I honestly donít know how supporters of this administration and its immigration enforcement tactics sleep at night.

The treatment this child, and others like him, at the hands of our government makes me ashamed to call myself an American.

Robin Frank, Tampa

Deadline looms over Rays talks | June 10

And the fans will park where?

While I was viewing the artistís rendering of the proposed site of the new Rays stadium, I was amazed at all the available parking.

Oh wait, thatís right, there is none.

Are fans supposed to get there by availing themselves of all the public transportation, the subways, the trams, the monorails? I imagine all the team members and dignitaries can arrive by helicopter. Or else they can bulldoze everything that makes Ybor City unique and create parking.

If a stadium ever gets built there I know I can forget ever going to the Columbia when the Rays are playing.

Anthony Majka, Spring Hill

Homeless man found
with deputyís gun | June 10

Arresting the wrong person

Perhaps the Pasco County Sheriffís Office hopes we donít realize the absurdity of their decision to arrest the homeless man who "stole" the gun carelessly left by an officer in a menís room.

What? Why isnít this officer in jail? What if a child followed Detective DiVirgilis into that stall and shot himself? I donít know if the accused had nefarious intentions. I certainly donít think an absent-minded cop is without blame here.

He forgot his gun. In a bathroom. It is ridiculous. Instead they are blaming a homeless guy. There is so much wrong here. I am disgusted.

Judy Pelaia, Tampa


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