Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Tuesday’s letters: Gratitude for community’s love following Bayshore deaths

Bayshore Boulevard deaths

Gratitude for community’s love

Dear Tampa Community,

We were in your beautiful city last week, not vacationing, but mourning the loss of two precious lives, Jessica and Lillia Raubenolt. As we cried and hugged and held each other up, you surrounded us with love, compassion and generosity. Trays of food were left at our family’s doorsteps, restaurants provided meals and packed up boxes of food to be taken back to the hospital. Another Tampa resident started a GoFundMe account… a complete stranger!

The Tampa police chief and the Tampa General Hospital CEO personally visited the family in the hospital offering condolences and to provide assistance. In addition, the medical staff, pastoral services, LifeLink and many medical personnel from other departments in the hospital were exceptional in every way.

Then there was the beautiful memorial on Bayshore. The vigil was very emotional as we watched hundreds of people, most of whom were moms and their babies in strollers, coming to support the family.

As we leave Tampa, we begin the grieving and mourning process all over again with our friends and family in Ohio. Thank you, Tampa, for your kindness and prayers.

Tim and Connie Crow, Hudson, Ohio

The letter writers are friends of the Reisinger/Raubenolt family.

Bilirakis plan to help women
called a stunt | June 2

Out of touch with real women

How very condescending of U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis! Allow me to point this elected official toward the reality of what truly matters to women:

• Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare,

• Affordable housing, affordable day care for children as well as the elderly,

• A woman’s right to choose, income parity, violence against women,

• Nutrition and the impact of chemicals/pesticides in our food chain,

• Public transportation,

• The environment.

While gardening is a wonderful de-stressor and weight loss certainly is a concern, there is more than ample advice out there on both subjects. Mr. Bilirakis ought to spend a couple weeks in the trenches with women to gain an understanding of the real world we live in. I would be happy to show him around.

Baerbel Dagon, Lutz

What we earn | June 3

Mayors’ pay out of balance

Your research into salaries around our area was very interesting in your new Floridian section. I found the wages for St. Petersburg Mayor Kriseman and Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin together totaling $373,131, while Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn makes $154,748, quite unsettling in comparison.

I wonder if any of your readers found that to be as disturbing as I did?

Robin Biloski, Madeira Beach

Floridian section

Disappointed so far

Sorry, but I found the new Floridian section underwhelming. What a disappointment. It lacks the Perspective section’s substance, which I enjoyed. I hope future issues will retain my interest, because today’s sure didn’t.

Diane Kornick, Clearwater


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