Wednesday’s letters: Cake shop ruling balances religious freedom, civil rights

Published June 4 2018
Updated June 6 2018

Court decision on gay rights,
religion murky | June 5

Ruling balances both sidesí rights

The Supreme Court just ruled that tolerance swings both ways.

Religious people have the right to follow their religious convictions just as gay folks have the right to celebrate by commissioning baked goods with messages of their choice sculpted in frosting ó just as it should be.

Our gay brothers and sisters might be surprised to learn that conservatives and even strict constructionist religious folk wish them well and even want them to enjoy analogous civil rights in the form of civil unions while preserving the term "marriage" for the traditional couplings as proscribed by churches, synagogues and mosques that invented the rite long before it was transformed into a right pushed by secular progressives.

The activists are not interested in the cake of equal rights unless it comes with the icing of outraging people of faith.

Dwayne Keith, Lakeland

Declining fertility rate
worrisome | June 4, editorial

Donít ignore abortionís toll

The editorial laments the decreasing fertility rate among women in the United States. You mention how women are waiting longer to have children, the need for social services for poorer women and the role of immigrants.

But you completely skip over the almost 1 million abortions that occur every year in this country. Since you have taken a stand on womenís right to abortion, your political blindness failed to see the 500 pound gorilla in the room.

Christopher Martinez, Land OíLakes

Lobbyists pack leverage | June 5

Corcoranís hypocrisy shows

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoranís statement, while supporting his brotherís inordinate success in receiving money from the Legislature to satisfy civil claims, is the height of absurdity.

Him saying: "Always side with those citizens over government" flies in the face of Tallahassee reality. In every situation where he and his monied interests have disagreed with the expressed wishes of the "citizens" of this state, he has used whatever tools he could devise to thwart or delay their desires. Only when his brother has an opportunity to squeeze tens of thousands of dollars from our tight-fisted government does he become concerned about the "people."

Arthur Eggers, Tampa

Friends stunned
by racing tragedy | June 3

Put more focus on victims

Your article provided an abundance of comments and testimonials related to the perpetrators and cause of the terrible tragedy. The three boys have had their "15 minutes of fame," albeit in a fashion they would rather forget.

It is unfortunate you gave scant coverage and very little attention to the victims, their family and friends. While the article talks about the lives of the three boys being forever changed, the article gave little attention to the lives of the victims ó whose lives didnít change. They died.

Steve McCarver, Dunedin