Wednesday’s letters: Freedom of speech isn’t freedom from others’ opinions

Published May 7 2018
Updated May 9 2018

Family sues over pledge | May 8

Not free from othersí feelings

I canít argue with oneís First Amendment right to free speech, no matter how much I might disagree with it. I canít say a parent who attempts to instill an attitude, based on their own real or perceived injustices, into their child doesnít have the right to do it. Likewise, if that person is compelled to make a legal issue out of an injustice they feel theyíve endured, that is also their right. What always must be remembered is that rights have no bearing on the feelings of others and the social consequences they create.

Steve Hemingway, Tampa

The Iran nuclear accord

The people will pay

President Trump has spoken, and we have reneged on our agreement with our allies and Iran. Withdrawing from this accord will lead to more conflict, if not outright war. Always, it is the people, not the government, who are the victims.

We, the people, will pay for further conflict and perhaps war in the Middle East with taxes and the creation of more debt. The Iranians and others will pay for it with their lives, the destruction of their economy and misery for their people.

Henry Pierson, Hernando Beach

Border order: Divide families | May 8

Reliving an ugly history

History repeats itself, but who would have thought the country we love would revert to separating mothers and babies? We did that on the auction block when mothers were sold to one slave owner and her children to another. How can we justify being so cruel in 2018, further traumatizing already traumatized young mothers and children? Are we really so stupid, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that we have to take these cruel lessons from the past? End this inhumane practice. This country should be better than this.

Anni Callaghan, New Port Richey