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A big thank you to Legg voters

A big thank you to Legg voters

It is with a humble heart that I thank the voters in Pasco County for allowing me to serve for the next two years as state representative. During this next term, we will work aggressively to solve the many challenges facing our state. We pledge to continue our hard work in Tallahassee as well as provide excellent constituent service in Pasco.

As this campaign has drawn to a close, our volunteers have worked tirelessly to pick up our campaign signs and literature. However, if we have missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will follow-up immediately.

We share your commitment in keeping Pasco beautiful.

State Rep. John Legg, District 46

Re: Alcohol sales in Sims Park.

For alcohol sale in park, make rules

I read the Nov. 11 letters to the opinion page from both the New Port Richey mayor and two concerned citizens. I believe the City Council has missed an important point.

Is it ever a good idea to allow alcohol to be sold within a very short distance of a children's playground? I believe there may be a way to resolve this. Actually two ways:

When public events are scheduled with alcohol sales allowed, close the children's park for the time that the event is under way. I assume a permit to sell alcohol will be needed so there should not be a problem knowing which events will have alcohol sales.

Or, post two uniformed police officers by the children's park. Event patrons selling alcohol should pay for the officers' time either through the permit cost or directly to the city prior to a permit being issued.

This should at least be a acceptable compromise to all parties involved.

My preference would be to not allow alcohol sales in a public park but I also realize in the current economy this could be of some help to event parties.

Isn't it interesting that selling a product to dull the senses becomes a solution to an economic problem? I think we may be kidding ourselves.

William R. Liska, New Port Richey

Holidays a time to help those in need

The holidays are a very special time for families while at the same time a very depressing time for those less fortunate. Several years ago, our office staff and doctors decided it was more rewarding to help those in need than to spend money where it wasn't necessary — on ourselves. We contacted local school counselors and asked for their help in choosing students who not only needed some help to make their holidays special, but who also maintained their grades so that one day their future would be bright.

As you are aware, many are now more in need than ever. School counselors are having a very difficult time choosing families because there are so many not only losing their jobs, but their homes. We can all image how devastating this would be to each of us.

In light of these difficult times, we hope you will join us in adopting a family this year. If you have questions, contact Jeanette Miller at 727-863-8884 or 727-847-3992.

Thank you for your consideration in joining us to make a difference, not only in the life of a child, but in the lives of his or her family. Perhaps remembering the gift given to them, they will have the opportunity to one day in the future pay it forward to some other needy family.

Laura J. Richards, New Image Dermatology

Many thanks to paramedics

On Friday Nov. 7, it appeared that my fiance's mother was having a stroke. We immediately called 911. When the paramedics arrived they determined that she was suffering from low blood sugar, which can look like a stroke.

They administered an IV and within minutes they had her talking and laughing. These were five of the most polite, respectful and, most importantly, knowledgeable young men I have seen in a long time. I know costs are high and ambulances don't run for free but can you honestly put a price on someone's life ?

Our lives are in their hands everyday. So, next time you happen to see a firefighter or paramedic, thank them.

Nancy Gorman, Hudson

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