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A couple of things to get off my chest

A couple of things to get off my chest

I've been wanting to write this letter for several years, so here goes. I have two valid complaints:

1. Why hasn't the speed limit on State Road 50 been lowered? It's still 55 mph, just like it was in 1980 when I moved here, and 50 was a two-lane road with no stoplights, no stores, not even a gas station between U.S. 19 and Brooksville.

How stupid is this? Now we are crowded with stores (ex. Wal-Mart and Sam's), plus dozens of restaurants and businesses, and still a 55 mph speed limit with 10 times the traffic. Who decides these things? DOT?

2. Why was curbside pickup for recycled material stopped in Brookridge? Do "they" really expect these mostly elderly people to cart their recycled papers, plastic, cardboard, etc., to the Wal-Mart parking lot in all the traffic? The bins are usually overflowing anyway.

Whose stupid idea was this? Our duly elected commissioners? Let's get rid of them. They must have the same IQ as President Bush and we all know how low that is, considering the state of our economy and that impossible war he started.

Things have to change. And as much as I like Obama, I think it's time to get a woman in charge up there. God knows the men have done a rotten job. Remember Margaret Thatcher? She literally saved the British Empire.

Enough politics. Let's see about lowering the speed limit on SR 50 and get back curb service in Brookridge. Aren't we supposed to be living "green" these days? I'm the only one I know that lugs her stuff to be recycled, but not much longer — I'll be 86 in October.

M.E. James, Brookridge

Re: Paving would aid health, budget | April 9, letter

Lime rock roads not a silicosis risk

I'd like to reassure the writer who lives on the lime rock road that she cannot contract silicosis breathing lime rock dust.

Lime rock, which technically is soft limestone, is composed of the mineral calcite, which chemically is calcium carbonate. Silicosis is caused by inhalation of finely divided silica dust. Silica typically occurs as the mineral quartz, which chemically is silicon dioxide.

True, the limestone in this area contains traces of quartz, but far too little to be a health risk.

George Foster, geologist, Weeki Wachee

Re: Woman accused of shoplifting sues guard
April 11, story

Suing shoplifter needs to get real

It's interesting to me that someone that was caught shoplifting plans to sue a security guard. Then, after she is caught, instead of giving up, she kicks the guard in the groin. What's wrong with this picture?

After treatment at a local hospital for bruising and cuts on her knuckles, I wonder just what permanent injuries there were and what bodily function did she lose. Get real!

I guess it is too difficult for her to accept that if she hadn't been shoplifting in the first place, none of this would have happened at all. Whatever happened to accepting responsibility for your own actions?

Kristy L. Cook, Spring Hill

Re: Spring Hill Fire Rescue meeting

Commissioner should move on

I recently watched the March 26 meeting of the Spring Hill Fire Rescue Board and was compelled to watch it a second time just to reaffirm what I thought occurred at the end of the meeting.

Commissioner Biro expressed the sincere concerns of the men and women of the department, and requested a show of hands by the board in support of independence as well as the men and women of this fine department. There were four hands raised and one not. I was totally taken back by this response.

The SHFR Board, as I understand it, is to serve the taxpayers and the department. It appears to me one of the commissioners must be working for "someone else". He has certainly made a circus out of the meetings. He claims he is looking out for the taxpayers; well, I'm a taxpayer and he insults me every time he opens his mouth.

I am proud of the Spring Hill Fire Rescue Service, and respect the four commissioners for their constant support of our firefighters and their goal to keep the high standard of the department ongoing, even with budget constraints as they are at this time.

How can he benefit this department when he does not support the firefighters or the independence that will maintain the status they have worked so hard to achieve? Hopefully this "mole" will move on to another area more suitable for all.

Mary R. Lord, Spring Hill

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