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A fundamental Boca Ciega High would benefit students

Fundamental groundswell hits big snag | Aug. 8, story

Boca Ciega High could benefit from involvement

I wonder what the Pinellas school superintendent is thinking when she agrees with black community leaders about not allowing Boca Ciega High School to become a fundamental school. Is she that concerned about what these leaders think? Or is she concerned about making the right decision?

I support the decision to make Boca Ciega a fundamental school. The benefit of having a child in a fundamental school is that parents have more involvement in their child's education. What is wrong with that?

Watson Haynes and Goliath Davis have expressed their fears that allowing Boca Ciega to become a fundamental school would hurt Gibbs High. Gibbs High is already rated as an F, so this argument does not hold water. Gibbs is an F-rated school because the students, parents and community do not focus on the real problems that Gibbs High has: a culture that does not stress the importance of education.

It is ironic that these selfish individuals would rather have Boca Ciega remain a D-rated school than allow the teachers and staff to improve the rating of the school. Let's hold back Boca Ciega because of poor Gibbs High.

I applaud the teachers and staff of Boca Ciega for overwhelmingly voting to go fundamental. I applaud the parents and the groups that are devoting their efforts to seeing Boca Ciega become a fundamental school. I challenge the superintendent to make the right decision and not allow a small but vocal special-interest group from swaying what is ultimately the best decision for the county.

It is a shame that Gibbs High is in the shape it is in. Maybe the superintendent can meet with those special-interest groups and find out how to get students, parents and the community more involved and accountable for the education of their sons and daughters.

I want Boca Ciega to become a fundamental school as much as any parent who wants to see their child succeed. Preventing Boca Ciega from becoming a fundamental school is an admission that failure will be rewarded and any effort to improve one's school is subject to the approval of special-interest groups.

Mario Rodriquez, St. Petersburg

Superintendent's position on Boca Ciega defies logic

Pinellas school superintendent Julie Janssen is lacking logic with respect to fundamental schools and her position against Boca Ciega High School becoming one of these coveted educational facilities.

Boca Ciega deserves the right to afford its students the opportunity to experience the ultimate education.

Fundamental is not a new concept. It is basic education. As a matter of fact, it is the same education most of us senior citizens experienced many years ago.

The teachers were dedicated professionals who were present daily and for the full day in the classroom. Parents were an important part of the process. Unexcused absences were not tolerated; nor were aberrant behaviors.

Her position that Gibbs High School will suffer as a result demands that she find solutions, not excuses. That is the superintendent's job.

Jean Block, Treasure Island

Coveted principal shifted again Aug. 7, story

Boca Ciega chief's heart in right place

Taxpayers paid Kevin Hendrick to do a good job as principal at Northeast High School. Taxpayers were going to pay Kevin Hendrick to do a good job at Boca Ciega High School. Taxpayers are going to pay Kevin Hendrick $90,000 for a district job that will have little if any impact on the students of Northeast or Boca Ciega High School.

A big thank you to Carol Moore for accepting the temporary position at Boca Ciega High. Let the taxpayers know that her heart is in the right place: the students.

Polly Serbanos, Gulfport

FCAT statement

Foster's statement on schools untrue

St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster made a completely untrue statement when he said, "The stigma of D and F schools in St. Petersburg is killing us."

These results are not "killing us." Unemployment, falling property values, and shrinking incomes caused by corrupt politicians, a corrupted (pay to play) political process, poor oversight and deregulation, and greedy business people are killing us.

Perfect FCAT scores would not revive BayWalk. Study after study has demonstrated that there is no correlation between test scores and economic performance. Bill Foster is either deluded or is once again using our schools as an excuse and/or scapegoat. But of course it's easy to pick on third-graders.

Jim Bailey, Clearwater

Postmaster clarifies letter about dogs, hazards | Aug. 8

Use sidewalks if delivering mail

I saw the story about the confusion caused by the letter the Postal Service sent to St. Petersburg residents concerning safety issues on private property and causing carriers to trip and be injured.

Why do postal carriers feel it is their right to walk across a person's yard? I have ivy ground cover in my front yard, and I have requested numerous times for the postal carriers not to walk across the yard, but to use the sidewalk. They still walk across, tearing up/wearing down my ground cover. They should not be allowed to walk on a person's yard to save themselves a few steps.

If they need faster delivery, tell the city of St. Petersburg to allow roadside mailboxes. Then they can drive by and deliver the mail.

Danny Jones, St. Petersburg

Wasteful spending won't help budget

What budget problems? The other day there was a large tank truck cruising down Fourth Street N in St. Petersburg, merrily spraying tons of water on the plants in the median, while the streets were barely dry from the heavy rains we have been having nearly every day!

Another heavy rain followed a couple of hours later. Obviously we must have money to spare.

G.G. Williams, St. Petersburg

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