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A grateful attitude can sweeten life

Let's be blunt. Bitter? You bet I'm bitter | April 20, Robyn Blumner column

A grateful attitude can sweeten life

Poor Robyn Blumner. One can always rely on her to leave a taste of pervasive pessimism on a beautiful Sunday morning. As a relatively new American citizen, allow me to counter her bitterness with some positive thoughts:

• I am thankful for my family and that my children go to excellent public schools where they receive a quality education.

• I am thankful that my wife and I are both gainfully employed as educators.

• I am thankful that I am free to worship at the church of my choice and lend financial support to various faith-based missions that are on the front line fighting AIDS in Africa.

• I am thankful for the armed forces that have kept terrorists from attacking us at home.

• I am thankful for the gift of education granted to me by generous American philanthropy at the master's and doctoral level at both private and public institutions in this country.

• I am thankful to be a citizen of this great nation at a pivotal time in history. I have hope and faith, not in Barack Obama, but in the goodness of the American people.

Try a dose of joy, Robyn. You'll find life much sweeter.

Gary Compton, Wesley Chapel

Demand change

Robyn Blumner must have been reading my mind. She really hit the nail on the head!

Surely there must be more concerned people in this country who agree with her and, if so, why don't we hear from them? It's outrageous what is going on and so few people seem to care! Even the editorial writers of the Times have not been as hard-hitting as this article — and why not?

Come on people, get on your hind legs and demand some action.

Royal M. Gray, Clearwater

Let's be blunt. Bitter? You bet I'm bitter

April 20, Robyn Blumner column

A solid basis for bitterness

The evening before Robyn Blumner's column appeared, I watched several hours on Comedy Central where political satirist Lewis Black performed several routines around the country. It almost seems as if Blumner is either one of his gag writers or indeed is one of the more than 80 percent of Americans who think this country is headed for the dumper.

It would have been hilariously funny if it was merely comedic satire or shtick based on partial truths or exaggerations. But even the sound of riotous laughter from the audience couldn't mask the truth behind every word.

Our leaders are clueless incompetents. Our policies are framed by out-of-touch do-gooders. The fabric of our country is in shreds as the middle class dwindles and its wealth is redistributed into the hands of a growing elite. Costs of vital goods and services are spiraling dangerously out of control while our blameless economic gurus divert our attention to more mundane issues.

Thank you, Ms. Blumner, for showing the public that they are neither paranoid nor alone!

I am not a Barak Obama supporter, but even a Democrat has to get it right once in a while. Voters are bitter! They are clinging to guns because self-preservation is a powerful force and many believe we are on the edge of a dangerous precipice that could lead to anarchy. And we are clinging to religion, for there appears to be nowhere else to turn.

Everett Melnick, St. Petersburg

Let's be blunt. Bitter? You bet I'm bitter

April 20, Robyn Blumner column

Who will speak out?

What an outstanding article. Probably one of the best I have ever read. The amazing thing about the citizens of this country is that instead of revolting they are like sheep accepting what the government gives out as truth. Wake up! There is nothing about our government that is sacred. Our country and our people are sacred and our government is supposed to serve at the pleasure of the people.

It is the responsibility of a patriot to question the actions of the government and to speak out. Oh, for only one patriot in all of Washington. Surely this is not the best we can do. I pray that our elected officials will listen and respond to the citizens of this country before the frustration turns to revolution.

Dan Lemon, St. Petersburg

Let's be blunt. Bitter? You bet I'm bitter

April 20, Robyn Blumner column

Our sorry state

Hooray for Robyn Blumner's column. She succinctly stated the real State of the Union that should have been given to Congress in January. My hope is that by this November the voters will elect a president, representatives and senators who will begin to fix these real problems that infect our country.

I don't want my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to pay for our mistakes. Failure to eliminate the deficit and avoid pre-emptive wars where we are not directly threatened, and the overall middle class being rendered unimportant to our leaders, is a path to a declining state.

Donald Richards, Palm Harbor

Owners and renters: A neighborhood watch

April 20, story

A living nightmare

I moved into this nice quiet subdivision in 2001. All of the houses were nicely landscaped and kept up. The children played outside and all of the neighbors were friendly to one another.

Within the past three years things changed. We have had many home sales and most of the people who purchased them are renting them out. One of these homes is next door to me. I have had three different families within the past three years that have lived in this house and it has been a living nightmare. Between being kept up all night due to the constant fighting or the police showing up all the time, I no longer feel safe in my own home. One man threatened to kill me and my dogs twice.

There has been drug activity going on and also burglaries all throughout the neighborhood.

Yes, we have deed restrictions but some of the renters don't follow them. It upsets me because those of us who work so hard to make our homes look nice have to put up with this problem. The owners of the homes don't care, they are getting their rent checks. There should be some kind of screening process that the owners of these homes have to use in order to rent the property out. I have worked too hard to let the renters drive me out of my home.

Lisa Gabrelcik, Safety Harbor

Butt out, JQC attorneys tell Florida Supreme Court | April 19, story

Rein in the JQC

It's obvious to me that the Judicial Qualifications Commission is attempting to hide something and by their actions are attempting to teach all of the other judges under their thumb that if they dare to go against the grain and expose the truth, then this is what will happen.

What I'm really not understanding is how the JQC can state that the state Supreme Court has no authority over them, and in the very next breath state that the charge against Judge Michael E. Allen can be dismissed by the Supreme Court after it has been tried. Furthermore, for them to accuse Judge Allen of perjury for stating that he has no animosity toward Judge Charles Kahn means that the JQC purports to know his heart!

Well, if the attorneys for the JQC think that only the Legislature can take action against the JQC, I hope, then, that the Legislature obliges.

This is a blatant witch hunt. Judge Allen was absolutely correct in what he stated in his opinion — in my opinion, that is. It's clear to me that Judge Kahn was trying to do a friend of a friend a favor. Thank God I'm not important enough for anyone to go after me for expressing the truth.

Melissa Iozzi, Spring Hill

Exhilarated by the routine | April 23, Garrison Keillor column

A morning must-read

Garrison Keillor dusts softly over light and heavy ideas, but always finds the kernel of truth. It's so true that public displays of sorrow have become routine, merely to satisfy those who want to be seen or heard. Garrison has the ability to tch-tch with his deft touch, never mean, but honest.

Many of his columns have wonderful nostalgic trips through the environs of Minnesota, New York City and points west and south.

With my morning coffee, it's a pleasure to indulge myself and benefit from his wry wit. Having been a radio fan of Lake Wobegon for many years, his column has become a must-read as well. When he expounds on the serious, then hits us with the mundane, "Your job is to clean out the garage …" it's a joyous morning.

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

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