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Abused teen needs love, comfort

Abused teen needs love, care

I am proud of Sheriff Richard Nugent for his recent concern for child protection for the young, 16-year-old adopted boy from Taiwan who was abused by his mother, the extent to which our entire community was shocked at the horrific injustice done this talented musician.

I have been "Mr. Mom" for some 10 young people, mentoring them into their adult roles, some status offenders through the courts in Ohio, all this coming from my having been a teacher in the early 1960s and an advocate for those with nervous anxiety or mental illness along with those orphaned into foster homes. (I was reared in a Cincinnati orphanage until I was 10.)

It was not unusual for me to get wards of the court who became status offenders because they were not in trouble with the law but became obstreperous in the home as a result of parents demanding their way with belts, locked doors and punitive measures denying privileges for months at a time.

This young man will need all the care and comfort conceivable to return him to his normal teen years, a period of youth that is productive, inquisitive, friendly in searching for peer activities, and given a chance, spiritual in their search for a deeper reality and grace in a world that is not always open to the sensitivities of the teenage culture.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

Help economy by shopping locally

We would all like to improve the economy in our county. In order to do that, let us make a New Year's resolution that in as much as possible, every purchase we make will be in a Hernando County store.

Instead of traveling to Citrus or Pasco stores, make a conscious effort to support local businesses. They deserve our support.

In the Yellow Pages of the phone book, we can shop from accountants to youth organizations and centers (A-Y), all in Hernando County.

If we adopt this resolution, the economy in our county will be on the increase.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Pride in their community Feb. 16, article

Cleanup good, but we need solution

This article hit a hot spot with me. I really commend those that took part in Spring Hill's Operation PRIDE. Although I missed the announcement for the cleanup and did not take part, my neighbor and I walk at least three days a week and collect trash along the way, each day trying to take a slightly different route to ensure a better cleanup.

There are others, in our neighborhood, that also help in this effort. This helps to keep our neighborhood litter free, but it is not the best solution. I think the answer lies in controlling the litter in the first place.

Since coming to this area six years ago, I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of litter strewn along our streets and highways. The county spends money to send a crew out to collect trash on U.S. 19, only to see the street littered again the very next day. The problem is not just our immediate area, as I am seeing it everywhere in central Florida.

But, a few cannot control the mess of so many. In these troubling times, doing our part not to litter is something that everyone can do, and it costs nothing.

Many areas where traffic police have good coverage, you often find less speeding. The cost for this extra coverage is often paid through fines on those who break the law.

Couldn't our county look at providing extra "eyes" to get control of this litter situation and pay for this through the increase in fines to those who break the litter law? It wouldn't take long for those who, by habit, toss their litter on our fine streets to think twice about doing that if it were costing them dearly.

Let us all take pride in our fine community and stop littering.

Barbara Miller, Weeki Wachee

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