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Admire geese but don't feed them

A neighborhood mobilizes against goose grabbers | Aug. 17, story

Admire geese but don't feed them

The bird-loving folks living near Crescent Lake in St. Petersburg would be wise to stop hand feeding their feathered friends. The picture of Dan Finn feeding the geese shows how they can easily fall victim to another whose intentions are not so kind.

Glenda Pittman, St. Petersburg

Pier Aquarium withholds rent to city | Aug. 17, story

Heat of suspicion

As a business owner, I respect and support the Pier Aquarium's stance. When renting, there is an expectation the rental will meet minimum standards. Air conditioning in Florida in mid August meets those standards.

If I were a more cynical and suspicious person, I might wonder if the St. Petersburg city leadership has some grand redevelopment plan for the space now occupied by the Pier. The Pier would have to be run into the ground before such moneymaking plans could be forced on city residents.

Of course, I know that none of our city officials would ever try anything unseemly or nefarious as deliberately mismanaging Pier operations and maintenance to further the interests of a select few.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

Bag the begging

I'm a 51-year-old resident and business owner in St. Petersburg, and I'm outraged and disgusted that our city allows rampant vagrancy. Every major street corner has people begging for money for alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

I have an office near a dangerous intersection, and I've witnessed this for years now. I've written the mayor and he doesn't have the decency to call me to discuss this problem.

I drive home every day after a 10-hour day and take Fourth Street to First Avenue N, and I'm disgusted to see what our city has let happen to Williams Park. These people are bums and vagrants and tarnish the image of what was once a fine city.

Vagrancy used to be outlawed and still should be. I say let's put it on the next ballot and let the citizens decide instead of our city government. Enough is enough!

Kyle V. Calkins, St. Petersburg


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