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All of Weeki Wachee River should be open for all to enjoy

River should open for all to enjoy

What a pretty place to which you may not go. At the beginning of this summer the Hernando Times came out with a big photo of kids swinging off a rope from a tree into the crisp, clean river. In the background, clearly posted on the trees were "No Trespassing" signs. Why, these kids are criminals!

Then, a Sept. 26 article about a kayaking club getting permits from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to go along the Weeki Wachee River picking up trash. Why would you need a permit to pick up trash if you don't need a permit to put it there?

It goes on to say that one, (two) parks, "the Sand Box, and the Bluffs" on the north side of the river were closed in 2007 because they were too popular! Kids want to play in the river, so they closed the parks, and put up "No Trespassing" signs, and then show pictures of how wonderful the river is. Now kids trespass through people's yards to get to the river.

I think the county should lease the parks to private management, and let them keep the area clean, while charging fees, like at Rogers Park.

Why doesn't the county want people to enjoy the river?

William Gilbert, Weeki Wachee

Church, state not separate here

Good grief, Charlie Brown, we can't even go to Saturday market on Main Street in Brooksville without having to listen to a preacher electronically amplified. Right in Brooksville, on the Hernando County Courthouse steps, with our own Richard Nugent, sheriff and Republican candidate for Congress, in attendance and a bunch of people gathered on courthouse grounds. Campaigning? Has no one heard of the separation of church and state?

If I wanted to hear a preacher, I would go to a church of my choice, not the vegetable market. Maybe that is also why so many regular market customers stayed away.

Jan Kalnbach, Brooksville

Brooksville residents hear rationale for decision to raze apartment complexes | Sept. 23 article

Quarry Golf Course worth saving | Sept. 24 Dan DeWitt column

Decision reveals conflict of interest

I realize that decisionmaking priorities facing the Brooksville City Council can be difficult, but the choice between putting people out on the street, an inhuman gesture, and saving a golf course just bewilders me.

After years of corruption by officials of the Brooksville Housing Authority, the residents of Hillside Estates and Summit Villas are being evicted not because they created a problem but because their government mismanaged the properties to an extent that they are in a condition of ill repair. So they say?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development owns both properties in question. Yet the Brooksville city government has first right of sale for both properties. This means that after demolition of these homes they can sell these properties to any developer they please.

The Brooksville Housing Authority members consist of individuals with associations to real estate property sales and developers. This seems to be a conflict of interest, in my opinion, which is driving the decisionmaking to displace innocent residents of Hillside Estates and Summit Villas. The case against renovation seems overstated.

It was stated by Tommy L. Brooks, senior executive director of the housing authority, that renovations would run $17 million as estimated. This equates to almost $130,000 per unit. Something is wrong with the estimates. A brand-new three-bedroom home can be built for that amount.

I believe an investigation by HUD should be made into the reasons behind the decision being made by the Brooksville Housing Authority, and their relationship with local land developers and builders.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Political attacks are shameful

I recently read an article that exemplifies the worst of politics. Col. Allen West, Republican candidate for Florida's Congressional District 22, is challenging Democratic incumbent Rep. Ron Klein. The opposition released Col. West's Social Security number in a mailer sent to thousands of voters. Their intent was to inflict personal harm upon Col. West and his family.

Sadly, however, Republicans are no better. The GOP establishment and its Florida operatives ran its own campaign of shame in our congressional primary. Critical issues affecting our freedoms and quality of life became irrelevant in the battle to win at all costs. Its choice of strategy was a vicious onslaught of vile, destructive ad hominem attacks, taken right out of the radical left's playbook.

That said, politicians will continue this egregious behavior as long as we allow it. We are learning that, as we the people change, the caliber of people we choose to represent us will change as well. This will not happen overnight, but it will happen. We demand it.

I had the great privilege to work as a volunteer for the Sager for Congress campaign. Jason Sager ran a campaign of such principled integrity that it will set the standard for those who come after him. His unwavering message showed us how understanding and restoring our Constitution and applying it correctly will fix what ails this country. Mr. Sager continues to teach the Constitution and those who hear him continue to be changed. And this is the true victory.

Pamela Johnson, Spring Hill

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