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Angelo's reassures Pasco County

Angelo's: County in capable hands

I appreciate the concerns of the citizens voiced at the recent Dade City commissioners meeting and invite all 15 of them, as a group or individually, to visit our present facility and our proposed composting and recycling facility.

In fact, I invite anyone from the county who wants to see how we presently operate to call me to set up a tour and presentation. We won rave reviews from a very senior county official for the sight-buffering engineering we employ at our present facility (if you travel by you won't even know it's there, except for the sign), and we plan to employ similar engineering at the new one.

Don't want to drive all the way out to rural east Pasco? That's okay, we'll come to you. We have met with dozens of groups and hundreds of people all over Pasco County. These people have learned that we will not only meet the stringent safeguards the state's environmental officials require, but vastly exceed them. Comfortable that we will not harm the environment, they are even more encouraged that we will save over a half-billion dollars for Pasco residents.

The environmentally friendly technology we will use produces green energy and is already in use at other Florida locations. We've done hundreds of public projects in 18 states — our reputation means everything, which is why we have an outstanding record of performance since starting our business over 50 years ago. Protecting the environment, saving hundreds of millions in taxes and producing green energy — that's a win-win-win for these challenging economic times.

Dominic Iafrate, vice president, Angelo's Recycled Materials, Dade City

Fix city eye sore, then move along

New Port Richey Council members approved a preliminary agreement to renovate and expand the city-owned Hacienda Hotel, $4.7-million to be spent by the city.

I am sure I am not alone in my thinking, that we have yet to come to a resolution regarding the unfinished eyesore at the entrance of our city, Main Street Landings. However, our city is ready to dump millions into a building that does not seem to be bringing down our city's property value. Where are our city's priorities?

Why don't we seek investors and developers to finish Main Street Landings?

Greg Algie, New Port Richey

How to fix insurance: Let state run it | July 9 guest column

No to state taking over insurance

After reading C.D. Chamberlain's article, I am left wondering if our society as a whole believes in the free market anymore. Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is a state-run insurance carrier, and while Citizens does the best it can, Citizens is not the answer to our ailing insurance market. Competition is the answer. Free markets are the answer.

I don't know if Mr. Chamberlain is aware, but the Social Security system is not in good shape and will need a very big fix in the near future unless Americans are okay with paying exorbitant taxes. Additionally, the state runs our schools and I'm not sure anyone would testify that the residents of Florida are getting their money's worth out of the school system. As for Mr. Chamberlain's assertion that the insurance industry did not cover losses from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, he should check his facts because the insurance industry paid out billions for both of these disasters.

The people of this country are slowly starting to believe that the government taking over whole industries is a good idea. Hugo Chavez's government is actually taking over whole industries in Venezuela and with much ill effect. Ask Cubans what they think about the government controlling all their industries. I don't mean to be extreme, but the erosion of America's capitalist system means erosion of our freedom. The government is not the end-all, beat-all panacea that Mr. Chamberlain envisions, but a burdensome, wasteful behemoth that will always seek to get larger and take more of our freedom. This is the tendency of government.

No, Mr. Chamberlain, the state taking over insurance will only lead to a Social Security-sized economic problem that will have to be fixed in the future with great financial pain.

Martin Turner, Trinity

Retirement is better with a job or three | July 8 guest column

Retirement? Not for Marc Yacht

Having worked for Marc Yacht for some years, and being involved in his writing pursuits, his retirement, or lack thereof is not surprising. Nervous energy, creativeness and a jolly sense of humor cannot be stifled for long. Housework and grocery shopping just doesn't cut it, does it, Marc?

There are many who relish the peaceful days, with games to play, and books to read, and they are fine in their place.

But there are those of us who couldn't, if it meant our life — retire, as in withdraw, recede, retreat, and, yes, go to bed.

I retired many times, and keep on going like the Energizer Bunny and Marc Yacht. Not time to go to bed yet!

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

Listen to voices of Pasco's deputies

I read with intense interest the most recent controversy in your newspaper concerning Sheriff Bob White's discord with his deputies.

No matter which side you take, and both offer plenty of rhetoric, one thing is clear. As reported, the numbers speak for themselves. Of the 425 law enforcement officers eligible, 271 are members of the union.

Within that membership, 73 percent cast ballots resulting in a 183 to 14 vote of no confidence in Sheriff White. As it is painfully clear, those deputies no longer have confidence in their elected sheriff.

As voters, it is incumbent upon us to seriously consider what our deputies are telling us.

Regina Embry, New Port Richey

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