Monday, December 18, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Appalled at hospital picketers' costumes

Upset at hospital picketers' outfits

Being this is the United States of America and we all have free speech, picketing is one's right to express oneself. I find it offensive when someone dresses as a medical professional and stands on the side of the road picketing for something that has nothing to do with being a physician, nurse, radiology tech or lab tech.

I am a registered nurse and proud of it. I work with an awesome group of professionals that act as such. If you, as union iron and steel workers, are picketing Oak Hill Hospital because it is not using union workers, that is your choice, donning a lab coat and looking like a medical professional is not your right.

I saw this when I was leaving the facility the other day, and it is appalling. You want to protest, then wear your own uniform or work clothes. Do you have to wear that of a medical professional to get attention? If that is so, then your plight is a sad one.

You have the right to picket and protest, as that is what this county is about, freedom of speech. It does not give you the right to portray yourself as something you are not.

I will continue to explain this to my patients and let them know that this in no way affects their medical care from those that work at Oak Hill Hospital.

Antionette Jordan, Hudson

Lessons learned via trash hauler

Our experience with our new garbage company is a bit different than the complaints we've recently read.

On Jan. 18, we sent a payment to the company using bill pay through our bank. Instead of $18.42, the payment went out as $1,842, and this is where the fun began. We immediately notified the bank, which researched it and found out Seaside Sanitation/Republic requested the payment electronically, and no way could a stop be placed on the money. The bank arranged a three-way conference call among Republic, the bank, and us. We were assured the money would be refunded.

After many phone calls between us and Republic, we went to the site in Hudson, met with a woman from the accounting department and were enlightened even further. No checks can be issued from the Hudson site. We were also informed that the payments go to Louisville, Ky., but the corporate office is in Phoenix, Ariz. The woman at Republic informed us that corporate only cuts checks at noon. In Arizona, that is two hours behind us, and we were 45 minutes late.

We were informed that a check would be cut on Friday, Jan. 27, delivered overnight via Federal Express, and we should have it on Saturday, Jan. 28. No check arrived.

On Monday, we called Phoenix and were informed that the refund check, instead of being sent to us, had been sent to Republic in Hudson. Republic said they did not receive anything. Back on the phone to Phoenix. Finally, Hudson said yes we have it, and it will be delivered. We informed them no need to waste their time and gas and that we would pick it up. When we arrived, the check was waiting for us with our name and home address. No one could explain why it went to the Hudson facility.

The Hudson office personnel knew we were senior citizens on a fixed income, and even though they were sympathetic, claimed their hands were tied. Needless to say during this 11-day period we did not write any checks for fear of them bouncing all over Hernando County.

We have learned a valuable lesson from this. One, to be more careful before pressing the return button on the computer. Second, I will now pay Republic with a credit card. At least paying that way, if there is a mistake the credit card company places a hold on the amount until a favorable solution is reached.

We believe our leaders had the citizens of Hernando County in mind when they switched trash haulers. We never had a problem with the old company, Waste Management, and for the little savings, and mostly because of the aggravation we just went through, we wouldn't mind going back to Waste Management.

Marie and Jack Joyce, Spring Hill

Make sure gifts get to workers

A belated Merry Christmas to all of the sanitation workers who supposedly did not receive a Christmas gift from their customers. Needless to say, this letter is because mine fall into this category.

Not too many years ago I was able to attach their gift to the refuse container and, as a thank you, they would bring the trash can back up to my house instead of leaving it on the sidewalk. Now, because of a few unscrupulous people, this is no longer possible.

Therefore one has no choice but to do one of two things: either be outside to hand them their gift before the crack of dawn (I am retired and no longer feel I need to punish myself in this manner) or mail it to the sanitation company, which is precisely what I did. I mailed it to the local address to the attention of the names of the two gentlemen.

Now, it is over a month later and the two checks I wrote for these two very competent, hard workers have not been cashed because they apparently are nowhere to be found. I called three times and inquired as to why they obviously were not delivered to these two men, one of whom now has been reassigned to Hernando County. I get no answer regarding this matter.

Clearly, steps need to be taken by the company so this situation does not arise in the future.

Jean DeBilzan, Bayonet Point


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