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Approval of Citrus Ridge project was illogical

Citrus Ridge decision illogical

My home is on 2 acres at the Happy Hill/St. Joe Road intersection. It is quite rural in this area, which is less than a half-mile from the Citrus Ridge 112 acres. If this is ever developed, they will have to deduct approximately 30 percent for roads, drainage, etc. That leaves them with 78 acres for 309, or about four homes per acre. What can be transitional about that?

I felt strongly that a unanimous vote from the Planning Commission for denial of the Citrus Ridge project; the city of Dade City's stand denying the annexation of this property because of the density; and violation of the county's long-range plan would solicit a far different outcome from the Pasco County Commission than what happened.

The County Commission meeting, in contrast to the planning meeting, was devoid of a significant number of questions and no real dialog of any consequence. This caused a great deal of concern on my part but I thought perhaps the commission held the history of this issue and the uniqueness of this land and its preservation as a transitional area as dictated by the master plan a driving force and questions were irrelevant. Needless to say, that was not the outcome.

It was beyond belief to witness the situation that played out during the process. Attorney Joel Tew's decorum was deplorable. His complete lack of respect for anyone in the room: commission members and other dignitaries, speakers and observers. To call the mayor of Dade City a liar, to tell the commission what the law is, what they have to do and threaten all with legal action if they don't follow his directives was out of order. Also to hear over and over again the expenses his clients had expended for this business venture was irrelevant. They are the costs of doing business and possibility of receiving outlandish gains if successful.

How can a commission group disregard what the majority of the property owners want: to keep the area rural transitional? Not one property owner from the area spoke in favor of this fabulous project. So much was said about the developments current or proposed in this area, but all have a much lower density than what was given to this developer. The commission has lowered the bar.

In the final analysis Mr. Tew seemed to get what he wanted as long as his clients would provide $764,000 for the much-discussed intersection. I agree with Mayor Scott Black, who said, "Improving the intersection is not worth the tradeoff of thousands of cars on the road."

The commission certainly has opened the door for other large-tract owners along St. Joe Road. What are the future plans to mitigate this onslaught of landowners? It is my contention that we will not be any different than other areas that have been down this path and lived to regret it. The commission did not look forward!

Theresa Frese, Dade City

Dog memorial is insulting Aug. 18 letter

Police dogs are just as deserving

I am disappointed that the writer of this letter feels the tribute to the fallen police canine officer, Gunner, is "foolishness" and "stupidity at its best."

Police dogs are considered officers and are as much a part of the police force as a human officer. They place their lives on the line as much as any human officer does. Why would their death in the line of duty not be remembered in the same way?

While I am thankful for the letter writer's service in Iraq and Afghanistan and glad he returned, hopefully, uninjured, I wonder if he would feel the same way if the officer who was killed by the SUV was a human.

Peggy Wheeling, Wesley Chapel

Dog memorial is insulting Aug. 18 letter

Too much fuss about a dead dog

I agree with the writer who was bothered at the front page spread about the dog. I have lost people ranging in age from 2 weeks old to 90 years old. They did not get a flag; they did not get a gun salute. They gave a lot more to the world than a dog could possibly give.

I am really surprised that they did not arrest the driver of the vehicle for vehicular homicide. The world has to get real. I suppose the next funeral the police have will be for a police horse.

D. Talbot, New Port Richey

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