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Assistant superintendent Ray Gadd's firing bad for schools

Ray Gadd's firing bad for schools

I am so upset that Ray Gadd has been let go as an assistant school superintendent. Our superintendent of schools, Heather Fiorentino, ruins everything she touches.

She has taken Mr. Brochu from us at Gulf High and now she has taken Ray Gadd. He was a big part of Penny for Pasco, on which our School Advisory Council from Anclote Elementary School worked so hard. He is a wonderful man. We need new blood in our school system. And it starts with Fiorentino.

I hope Ray Gadd runs for superintendent. He would have my vote.

Tracy Phillips, Holiday

Gadd's firing political and the public loses | C.T. Bowen column June 11

Editorial writers don't run county

Your column comes as no surprise. The last time I checked, Heather Fiorentino, not C.T. Bowen, was the elected school superintendent.

Ray Gadd was correct in stating his position was a political appointment. Ray understood that he served as the discretion of the superintendent. Ray was appointed to his job by the previous superintendent, promoted and given a three-year contract by his old boss a few months prior to his leaving the superintendent's office. Similar action was taken with several other high-ranking and highly paid administrators to protect his political allies if his hand-picked successor was not elected. These contracts were renewed by superintendent Fiorentino on a year-to-year basis with no guarantee of reappointment.

Heather Fiorentino entered office strapped with these three-year contracts. An analogy would be President Obama coming into office and being stuck with George Bush's Cabinet for three years. Under Florida statue, the superintendent has the sole authority to hire and fire her staff. She is answerable to the citizens of Pasco County who will evaluate her performance when election time rolls around. I caution the School Board to realize its role in the process. They are part-time employees of the school district and are there to establish policy.

Once again, we have the St. Petersburg Times trying to run a government for us. It editorializes when it suits their agenda. Why were there no editorials when the previous superintendent handed out three-year contracts just prior to leaving office? Using the Times rationale, there should be editorials bashing Obama for firing Bush administrators. Heather is the superintendent and the Times should allow her to do the job she was elected to do.

Ed Collins, New Port Richey

Holy Ground worth saving

In a place that has so much money that politicians have found a way to pad their own pockets, where they can vacation (retire for a month and return to the same job with the same pay plus a pension), and where they wanted to blow millions of bucks on a private company so that a few more folks would maybe play some tennis, how about helping someone who actually does some good in this county?

Holy Ground was on the verge of being evicted. They have been helping people with real needs for over 20 years without government help. It would cost less than the immoral pension paid to one official who is still on the public dole.

For $36,000 or so you can keep that shelter open each year. Do some good for someone else for a change.

Joe Kehoe Port Richey

Where are jobs without work?

Can someone let me know of any jobs available like School Board member Cathi Martin's?

That way I can collect a paycheck and do nothing for it.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Assistant superintendent Ray Gadd's firing bad for schools 06/13/09 [Last modified: Saturday, June 13, 2009 4:31am]
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