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Bad planning made U.S. 41 unsafe

Bad planning ruined U.S. 41

I understand that the Board of County Commissioners has input at the Metropolitan Planning Organization which provides guidance to the state Department of Transportation.

Therefore, I ask:

When DOT completed the six-lane widening of U.S. 41, 500 yards shy of the Land O' Lakes High School entrance, was the commission not intuitive enough to understand the traffic implications this would cause? Had the commission provided guidance to DOT to extend the extra 500 yards it certainly would have saved taxpayers money, and for the last four years it would have saved many residents in District 2 massive commuting headaches!

Fast forward to today. It is 5 p.m. and it takes one-half hour to go from the high school north to State Road 52 due to the extra traffic congestion caused by the merging of three lanes on U.S. 41 into one lane. Add to the mix all the extra commuters on this road due to the new subdivisions punched out along the US 41 corridor that the commission approved.

I am now told the DOT will only complete the six-lane U.S. 41 extension to Connerton in 2011. Why would the commission approve these new subdivisions along the 41 corridor if the two-lane road was not widened? Why only to Connerton and not to SR 52? What efforts are being make to speed this up? What efforts are being made to get the road widened to SR 52?

This bad planning has caused very unsafe driving conditions.

When can the members of the commission be made available, so that we can all experience the traffic mess that has been created by the board's bad decisions to allow subdivisions to be built with no immediate and effective planning toward infrastructure road expansion? Maybe the commissioners should drive it for a week and then they may be motivated to do something as soon as possible. Waiting around till 2015 is not acceptable, and telling us there are no more funds is not an option.

How can I help our residents in District 2 rally toward a cause which would improve the safety of our U.S. 41, and once again restore our confidence as to why we choose to live in beautiful central Pasco County!

Lino Tata, Spring Hill

Tennis stadium talks drag on | Aug. 3, article

Use Pasco's funds on better things

There it is in black and white, why the tennis stadium project is one of the worst wastes of tax money ever in this county. Kudos to Commissioner Ted Schrader for being honest enough to express his opinion on this debacle. Also, Saddlebrook Resort owner Tom Dempsey explains his family will carry on to build the complex. Well, I would, too, if someone wanted to give me $7.9-million.

Disputes over land costs and interested parties in Wiregrass will hold up the county for every penny they can get because they hold the key to the whole project.

Mr. Schrader says we need to spend these tax dollars. Okay, but how about spending it on something that the people of Pasco can benefit from and it's not in a declining sport like tennis.

Let's put this whole idea to rest and spend our tax money on a wise thought. Take your time. Remember, all good things come in time.

Bob Clark, Port Richey

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Bad planning made U.S. 41 unsafe 08/05/08 [Last modified: Thursday, August 7, 2008 9:05pm]
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