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Ban on bead-throwing ruins Chasco Fiesta parade

Bead-throwing ban ruins parade

I think it is so sad that they can't throw beads at the Chasco Fiesta parade because someone hadn't trained their child in safety. The rest of us have to have a ruined parade because of the Plant City accident. There is no point in attending the parade if the beads can't be thrown.

No one in Tampa or New Port Richey have ever had a problem with it. I think the city should listen to the residents and parade participants and change its stand on this situation. My grandchildren and I will never attend another parade if this isn't resolved by letting the beads be thrown.

Beverly Meyer, New Port Richey

Krewe honors American Indians

I have been reading with interest the comments made by AIM regarding the Krewe of Chasco and AIM's objection to them dressing as Native Americans.

I am an Irish citizen and we have just had St. Patrick's Day, with people dressing as Irishmen and everyone wanting to be Irish. I do not object; in fact, I am very honored by it. The Irish have come a long way in American society as 100 years ago it was the Irish who were discriminated against just like the African-Americans and the American Indians.

The Krewe of Chasco is made up of doctors, lawyers and business people, and AIM should be pleased that these educated people should take time out of their busy days to honor them.

AIM instead should protest that we do not have a "Native American Day" to honor such great American Indians. We have Martin Luther King Day and St. Patrick's Day. Why not a public holiday for Native Americans?

John Skelton, Port Richey

Time to get to bottom of Big Oil

Driving past gas stations these days make me think I live in the twilight zone. Each day the price goes up one or two cents, and that's on a good day. I have yet to hear anyone on TV talking about the rising prices and I am hard-pressed to see much information in the newspapers.

I guess that gas at $2 a gallon is a bargain since it wasn't too long ago we were paying $4.

I did see a piece in the paper last week about Mobil Oil having its best quarter ever. Maybe that accounts for the rising prices.

We complain about Wall Street, the banking industry, and Bernie Madoff stealing millions but we have not had a word about the oil companies and the price manipulations that cost us millions at the pump. I guess when you pay it out a few pennies at a time it doesn't feel like someone is stealing from you.

Perhaps we should all ask our congressional delegates to look after the pennies after they get finished looking out for our millions. Our representatives will give us a tax break with one hand and allow the oil companies to take it away with the other.

Congress will act only if we demand it and it is time we demand that they look at the oil companies and their windfall profits. Nothing will be done unless we start to let our representatives know now is the time to investigate the oil industry.

Joan Shapiro, Hudson

Enforcing codes benefits all of us

Levying fines for those who disregard the rules for lawn watering is fine. As the properties start turning brown and less cared for, the need to enforce the county codes for residential violations becomes more critical. The value of properties will devalue if they are allowed to accumulate these other violations. I feel that the county would not be doing the people's business, if they do not enforce all the codes.

Aldo Boselli, New Port Richey

Ban on bead-throwing ruins Chasco Fiesta parade 03/26/09 [Last modified: Thursday, March 26, 2009 5:45pm]
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