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Bartender's woes not print-worthy

Re: Laughing bartender

Bartender's woes not print-worthy

I am sorry to see that such a small incident could take up any space in our newspapers when there is so many things of true importance that people should be more concerned about than some loud-mouth bartender complaining.

Her former boss and fellow employees are a little more ticked at her for what she has done to them. I don't suppose she even thought about everyone else. If customers stop coming to the Trinity Grill as some have said they would do, all other employees will pay for her mouth as well.

I was at the Trinity Grill the day that the owner and another employee sat out front with the 48-year-old, part-time bartender. The owner wanted to tell the woman they did not need her at the time, and was trying to be nice, and told her that they would like keep her on call. She got pretty huffy and said she needed the job as she had a 7-year-old girl to look after.

After all, she only had two or three other sources of income to live on. All the other employees have just the one income, and I'm sure by now that with this publicity the tips must be getting few and far between.

Let's get back to what newspapers are supposed to do — report the news. Let's get rid of the small, non-news articles and put our interest to something good, like cleaning up the country and the pornography, child predators, etc.

So many out there that need the help of the people and the newspapers without troublemakers taking up space and time.

Sharon Slusher, Holiday

Check costs before signing

Three weeks ago a man came to my door offering fiber-optic telephone, television and computer for $109.50 a month for two years. It also included a movie-sports package through the end of the year. We set up an install date and time.

When no one showed up for the install, I called Verizon. They had no record of the order. They also don't offer the movie-sports package any longer. When we got to the cost, it was $109.99 plus tax and fees a month ($25 to $35 a month).

The public in this area should be aware the people who ring your door bell aren't giving you the correct info. Don't sign papers until you are sure the costs are accurate.

Kay Wright, Port Richey

Confederate flag stands for idiocy | June 16 letter

Flag has meaning for Southerners

Enough is enough. The Confederate flag is a symbol of the South. It is, like it or not, part of Southern history.

As has been said many times before, "If it offends you, then either move or don't look at it."

I am Southern by birth and the flag has a meaning to me. I'm sure it does to many others also. The United States flag closely resembles the Northern battle flag. Why doesn't anyone complain about that? Maybe I could sue the U.S. government for subjecting me to the reminder of the Northern battle flag day in and day out?

People like the letter-writer showed how-narrow minded he is and should be sent back up North where he belongs.

Wesley Hawkins, Spring Hill

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