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Basing tax bill on property is unfair

Basing tax bill on property is unfair

The fall in property values means the county budget shortfall will near $11 million. What's wrong with this situation? I think our whole taxing system is in real need of a total overhaul. The idea of taxing ones property based on the (estimated) value of that property just doesn't make sense.

How does the value of one's property relate to the costs of services that the county has to provide for that property? Well it doesn't relate at all. County supplied services for the most part are for people not property.

Take a property valued at $500,000 with two people living there. There taxes would be based on the $500,000 value of the property and not the services the two people may need.

Take a property valued at $35,000 with seven people living there. The taxes would be based on the $35,000 value and not the services the seven people may need.

The revenue to run this county should be based on the number of people living here, not the value of there property. We should figure a way to tax people living in this county fairly to raise the funds needed to run this county.

If any other company based their charges on the value of your property we would be up in arms. Example: The cost to dry clean a skirt is $2 if you live in a $35,000 house, but it costs $125 if you live in a $500,00 house.

The whole basis of our tax system is wrong. I think each property no matter the value should be taxed a fixed amount say $300; maybe commercial property would be $60. This tax would cover the cost of fire and emergency services.

To make up the huge shortfall needed to run the county they should have a sales tax. Maybe it would be 20 percent. Now the people who live here and use the services are paying their fair share of the costs to run the county.

Donald Montgomery, Brooksville

Greed has ruined county, country

I never knew about the meeting that discussed drilling two more commercial wells. County government, as always, has already decided on their course of action.

For years now, this County Commission, like most county commissions through out Florida, have disregarded the welfare and quality of life of its residents in favor of the quick buck and larger government.

They pass thousands of ordinances that favor their own personal self-serving interests — ordinances that for all practical purposes, have constantly run contrary to the United States Constitution. They have made Florida a state of urban sprawl, higher crime rates, polluted waters and with one of the highest number of personal and business bankruptcies in the country.

Their own visions of paradise has made Florida the state to leave, rather than the pristine paradise it once was. For years, my wife and I dreamed of retiring to Florida. Now, we have a new dream. We dream about the day we can leave.

How did Florida's present day situation both economic and ecological come about? The culprit behind the problems we have here in Florida is the very same throughout America. It's called greed.

David A. Robinson, Brooksville

Buying locally hits you in wallet

An open letter to Hernando's small businesses. As a Hernando County resident, I try to buy anything I need from a local business. But lately it has become a problem.

The drive belt broke on my mower. I looked it up on the Internet to find the local dealer and the price, $12. I drove to the dealer on County Line Road and the price was $19. I bought the belt, but no more.

From now on, I will order the part and pay the $2 shipping. By the way, no sales tax. Sorry.

Jerry Donovan, Brooksville

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