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Bean should go and take Hashim

Dysfunctional city and proud of it, Dec. 18 guest column

Bean should go and take Hashim

In answer to council member Perry Bean's arrogant column, he has lived in our fair city for a short period of time. My wife and I have resided here for more than 21 years. I retired after 11 years of service to our city. I view his column as insulting to us and all the good citizens of Port Richey. In his overly melodramatic column, he stated that the city took pleasure in firing City Manager Richard Reade before Christmas.

Did Bean or Reade feel sorry for the employees that Mr. Reade fired or the ones that resigned rather than work under him? Or those out on job-related sicknesses such as nervous breakdowns and heart attacks? Mr. Reade was well-paid for creating havoc in our city and destroying the morale among our employees.

There is still time for Bean to redeem himself by resigning from City Council, and feel free to hold Dr. Mark Hashim by the hand and take him too.

Allen Foley, Port Richey

The real Bean for all to read

Council member Perry Bean's true character has been laid out for all to see during this Christmas season.

Judy Christenson, Port Richey

Ousting of city manager is spineless, heedless, Dec. 17 editorial

Firing Reade was the right move

I see your editorial in another way. Mayor Richard Rober and council member Steven O'Neill did the right thing. A good manger in this case realized he made a mistake with City Manager Richard Reade when they hired him and let him go. Too many politicians won't reverse their opinions because it might make then look bad, when in truth it shows competence and strength.

The Bill Sager firing and almost destroying a man's future and the possibility of lawsuits to follow were Reade's downfall. People started to look at Mr. Reade's performance and found he was incompetent.

It appears to me if you don't agree with Vice Mayor Mark Hashim's view, you're in for his wrath. Besides, Mr. Hashim's views seem to steer toward dissolving the city and Reade was helping with his management.

Robert Clark, Port Richey

Pediatric group deserves thanks

On Dec. 14, the Pasco Pediatric Foundation held its seventh annual Ariel Goldman Holiday Gift Giving Program. The foundation is very humble about this, but we feel it should be recognized.

When our daughter, Ariel, suddenly passed away in 2001, the foundation established an event to honor her memory. Every year more money is raised so families can be helped over the holiday season. This year 60 children received bicycles, clothing, books, crafts, toys, and various other items.

Additionally, Honey Baked Ham provided gift certificates for the 20 families and St. Angelos Pizza provided a banquet of food that day for the party at the Gulf Landings Clubhouse.

You cannot imagine the joy on the children's faces as they individually spoke with Santa and played with their new toys. The families were most gracious and appreciative of the support.

It is an honor to be associated with the Pasco Pediatric Foundation.

We know that Ariel is very proud to have this party for the children. Even at the young age of 11, she truly understood the importance of giving back.

Thank you to the foundation, volunteers, nurses and our friends who came together to make this happen.

Dr. Stephen and Lynn Goldman, New Port Richey

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