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Blaise Ingoglia ideas don't make sense for Hernando County

Ingoglia's ideas bad for economy

I congratulate Blaise Ingoglia, the new chairman of the Republican Party. I hope he will use his position to push the County Commission, dominated by a 4-1 GOP majority, to take the immediate action necessary to save the local economy that they have been unwilling to take.

In their six months in power, what has the Republican County Commission done to alleviate Hernando's 12.9 percent unemployment rate? To help the rising scores of underemployed workers and struggling families who are becoming increasingly dependent on government services to pay for basic necessities as food and electricity?

What have the Republican commissioners done to attract industrial development and jobs that pay a living wage? Driving through the county, which construction site are you more likely to see: a factory that employs skilled artisans or a big-box store that offers low-paying, nonunion service jobs in a local economy that increasingly cannot sustain its bloated retail market?

Blaise Ingoglia's scheme is to spend millions in reserve funds on gift cards, a common reward for filling out online surveys, to entice people to buy homes. Touted by Commissioner Adkins, Ingoglia's CPR initiative is roughly analogous to securing a plastic bag over a choking victim's head.

It is no coincidence that Ingoglia, a wealthy home builder, wants to spend $2.5 million of our money to bribe home buyers. Yet beneath the hypocrisy of this small-government advocate wanting to dish out government pork lies Ingoglia's fatal misunderstanding about our local economy. We are too reliant on home construction, and without serious commercial and industrial growth we will be plagued by high unemployment and rising blight for years after the recession.

Ingoglia's comment that Barack Obama's face would appear on food stamps reeked not merely of racism but of classism, and exposed Ingoglia's ignorance of the living conditions of a working class held hostage by every lender, trader and outsourcing advocate who gambled with the American economy during the Bush era.

Justin T. Cass, Spring Hill

New GOP leader will lead change

Before all the negative press is splattered in the Hernando Times, I would like to congratulate Blaise Ingoglia for his new position as chairman of the Republican Executive Committee. This successful young man has dedicated a lot of time and money to educate Hernando County citizens concerning the running of our local government. I believe he has opened our eyes, which has given people the nudge needed to get involved and pay attention to what's going on and how local government is spending our tax dollars.

The recent tea parties nationally proves that "we the people" will no longer sit back and watch as our national debt grows, just to pass this irresponsible spending on to our future generations. We have seen a lot of change as promised — I ask, for the better?

I would also like to thank Ana Trinque for her dedication to the Republican Executive Committee. I know that she will still be an important part of our party.

Do I dare say? Hernando County, change is coming! The right change! With the election of two new commissioners we have taken a big step; now it's time to take the next steps together.

Teri Salzer, Brooksville

Republicans are out of touch

Wake up Hernando County. The Republican Party has made it perfectly clear what they want for this county: real estate development and more development. The election of Blaise Ingoglia to head the GOP in Hernando is proof to all citizens in this county that the focus for the future of Hernando will be on profits for real estate industries at the expense of everyone else — including Republican voters not working in those industries.

When Hernando County has been built out and all of its natural resources put at risk, the developers will move on to Citrus County. My friend in Citrus has hopes that the Suncoast Parkway never gets extended into Citrus County for fear of the same onslaught that is going on in Hernando.

You would think that the Republican Party would choose a person with a better grasp of issues that affect residents of Hernando County and not special interests — issues such as unemployment, environmental conservation and influencing corporations to relocate to Hernando. Last week a Republican-controlled County Commission approved $500,000 for incentives to outside business to relocate here. Are they kidding?

Mr. Ingoglia's concentration is on dollar issues, profits, selling homes and placing mortgages from which he makes his money. Mr. Ingoglia stated that a "vast majority of Americans agree with Republicans and conservative values." First, Mr. Ingoglia proves how out of touch he is with that statement; just five months ago a majority of Americans voted into office Democrats with very liberal ideals. Secondly, he has insulted every Democrat by saying that "when people vote Democrat they are voting against their family's best interest." Wrong again, Mr. Ingoglia; they are voting for the betterment of their family rather than special interests. Finally, Mr. Ingoglia states, "If disenfranchised Republicans choose not to accept, they cannot say we didn't try." I interpret this as him saying, if the Republican left and middle don't agree with him, too bad. This is an indication of the GOP attitude displayed during the Bush administration now controlling the local Republican Party and we certainly know what happened to them.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Bring in Malcolm as superintendent

Now is the time for Dr. Wayne Alexander to leave our schools as he has no interest other than to get back to the New England schools. He is in violation of the contract for the second time.

The School Board should let him go now. The members need to step up and do the right thing. If not, maybe all should go. Dr. Alexander shouldn't go away with the feeling he will be missed.

Until the School Board can replace the superintendent, I think former School Board member Jim Malcolm would be a great temporary superintendent. I know he can bring our schools back to normal again without everyone worrying about saying anything.

Gerald E. Wirth, Spring Hill

Nude dudes forget details, April 19 article

Nude dude ranch makes lot of sense

What a delightful headline to read on Sunday! These creative entrepreneurs forgot to stop at the local county offices to get licenses, but let's be sure they receive what they need to bring in the clientele who will spend their dollars right here in Hernando County.

This is a perfect fit: a very rural location for clothing-optional folks who are generally circumspect and discreet, as well as others who are looking to see what we have to offer in the way of entertainment and dining. The clients will more than likely be people with the money to spend on dude ranch-related activities as well as touring into Brooksville's Main Street, Nobleton and Spring Hill, too.

Let's hope that the powers that be have the common sense to grasp that a business such as this — a niche business — is not a threat. It is a promise of more business for us all for many years to come.

Brooke Martin, Ridge Manor

Homeless shelter needed in county | April 16 letter

Shelter a bad fit for neighborhood

This is in reply to the letter about the need for a homeless shelter in our county. I am a resident who lives on the same street as the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and am not happy about the center being here. If all goes well, as the owners say, then there will be no adverse affect. Otherwise we will all live in fear. Most of the residents of the area are senior citizens and many are widows.

The writer asked: Where were these residents when the original permit was pulled? We were here and fought it then, and that was in 1992. It was supposed to be a senior adult facility, but our (Planning and Zoning Board) passed it over the concerns of the residents. Our street is three blocks long. Also, the people on Philatelic Street back up to the property in question; that is why Forest Oaks residents are upset.

Yes, we do need a homeless shelter in this county, but as most people say, "not in my neighborhood.'' Well, this is my neighborhood, where I have lived for over 20 years. It has always been quiet, and we all knew who was walking the street because they were neighbors. Now there are many new faces that we do not know. I have never been afraid to leave my door open on warm days until now. Would the letter writer let his mother live where I do?

Joan Lepore, Spring Hill

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