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Blame IRS for Scientology, letter writer says

Re: Money could go to better use | letter, March 29, and Luxury lifts up church hotel | story, March 22

Blame the IRS for Scientology

While James Devine's letter to the editor was absolutely right about Scientology's self-imposed segregation from the local community, Mr. Devine did not go far enough in placing the blame.

I don't fault our local elected officials, as there is honestly little they can do about it all. The blame for the success of Scientology in America lies squarely on the slumped shoulders of the Internal Revenue Service.

When the IRS gave Scientology tax-exempt religious status, just as it would any legitimate religion, it gave the blue mob carte blanche in the United States at a time when far wiser countries (like Germany) were taking strong steps to curtail that faux navy. The IRS bowed to the threat of lawsuits, and now we in Clearwater are stuck with the results of its lax standards.

If you really want to see a change, there's no need to don a mask and parade downtown. Simply write to your U.S. congressman or senator. Write to the president. Demand an inquiry into the IRS granting Scientology tax-exempt status and demand that it be revoked.

If you want Clearwater back, you're going to have to fight for it.

Alfred Jarry, Clearwater

Re: Leash the dog, not association rules | letter, April 10

Pet owners' new thing: flount law

Thanks for your input. Pets, though, are usually extensions of their owners. In Pinellas, we do have a leash law, but somehow only compliant owners heed the law.

There is nothing cute about families walking their pets without a leash. Flounting the law seems to be in the "in" thing in my neighborhood too.

Joe La Monica, Safety Harbor

Protect residents and wild animals

I understand the desire to make our communities safer by controlling coyote populations and aggressiveness, but I do not believe that this is a matter that should be taken up by residents of our communities.

My mother had an injured coyote take shelter under the shade of her flower bed just a foot away from her front door. Someone had shot the animal in the chest, leaving his hind legs paralyzed — he was obviously in a great deal of pain.

We called county Animal Services, only to learn that they "do not deal with coyotes." Our neighbor called Florida Fish and Wildlife and was told that it was probably just a female with mange and to leave it be.

Not only did this animal lie suffering outside my mom's house, but I believe it could have posed a threat to any child or animal that got too close to it, as injured animals are known to act more aggressively.

Eventually a sheriff's deputy came to the rescue, placing the suffering, near-dead animal in the back of his cruiser. We can only guess that he took it somewhere it could be euthanized after nearly seven hours of suffering.

Something should be done to secure our neighborhoods and the well-being of these wild animals. Someone needs to take action, and it shouldn't be the public.

Ashley Chango, Seminole

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