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Blue recycling bags hard to find, in stores or on curbs

Please bring out those blue bags

In a recent edition of The St. Petersburg Times, there was an article concerning Pasco County's blue bag curbside recycling program. Phone numbers were listed to help locate the bags.

For months we have been trying to find these blue bags but sad to say, only one of the three major supermarkets in the area — Wal-Mart — has them. I called Publix and Sweetbay again this week. Publix store advised they did not stock them and to call customer service. A recording advised I would be contacted in 24 hours.

The exact same supermarkets pay for fliers to tout their "green" products, cleaning supplies, organic foods and the like, yet where are the recyclable by-products of these items going to be discarded when we are through with them? Where are the blue bags?

On a daily basis we are inundated with newspaper and magazine articles. We watch heart-wrenching TV specials dedicated to encourage us to recycle, but it is readily apparent that few seem to care other than for the entertainment value. Early the other morning we put our recycled items out by the curb for pickup and when I looked up and down the street I could only see one or two recycling bags.

How can our children, the inheritors of the mess we have made, be expected to save what is rapidly becoming a junk-laden planet if we do not set an example for them?

Barb Capodanno, Odessa

Race for sheriff could be louder | April 27, story

Vote wisely in sheriff election

I see Kim Bogart is a candidate for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Now, I know Florida voters have made mistakes in the past. They voted for "W" twice and they voted for Jim Gillum for Pasco County sheriff. After Gillum was elected, the voters found they had made a bad choice and sent him and his administration of Tampa cronies elsewhere. Why? Because it was a very poor administration.

When Mr. Gillum came to Pasco, he brought Kim Bogart with him and started Bogart at the rank of captain. Apparently working through the ranks was not important or necessary.

If Mr. Bogart is going to be a classy, professional candidate, as stated in the article, it wouldn't be based on his supervisor experience in law enforcement. That would be like Hillary telling us how she arrived in Bosnia under enemy fire.

There is a reason why voters got rid of the Tampa crew. Voters of Pasco County, go into the voting booths with your eyes open.

Anthony Giovanniello,

New Port Richey

Make them rest rooms, not privies

In response to the Florida Legislature discussing improving the public rest rooms, I say it is about time!

After traveling across country on several treks, it is another reason why I hear so many people here saying, "What do you expect? It's Florida." We are about 40 years behind the nation. It is a class act that this Legislature deal with this issue.

Let's start with toilet seat covers and move to workable soap dispensers. Just follow the model of the Tampa International Airport. It has its act together.

Nancy Waltz, Trinity

Council strayed from main issues

I attended last week's Port Richey council meeting and my assurance that our city was in good hands was turned upside down.

The meeting began with Property Appraiser Mike Wells giving an update on the impact of Amendment 1 and the drastic reduction in revenues that both the county and the city of Port Richey can expect by the increase to the homestead exemption. According to Mr. Wells, the city of Port Richey will have a significant decrease in money coming in from both the state and the county. This obviously should be a huge concern to our elected officials as they are the ones that will develop and approve the city's upcoming fiscal budget.

The meeting proceeded with members of my neighborhood trying to get approval for a fence that had already been approved by the board of adjustments, as well as the building official. A disgruntled neighbor was appealing the decision of the board and the building official. The council was to vote for or against the appeal. What transpired for over an hour was two City Council members essentially offering to pay the homeowner for the existing fence and the cost to remove it, (using city workers) if they (the homeowner) in turn spent their own money to put up a new fence that was acceptable to the disgruntled neighbor.

They were considering spending the Port Richey citizens' money for something for which no one was at fault. That was not what the council was asked to do. They proceeded to be out of order for over an hour wasting everyone's time attempting to mediate when they were responsible only for voting on the appeal.

After that, there was the discussion and vote as to whether to renew the contract for the current city attorney. This is a man who has helped the city by keeping his fee extremely low. I defy anyone to find another attorney as well versed in civil law that would work for a fee of $1,800 per month.

One of the issues that upset some of our current City Council members was the attorney's relationships with two former council members. Neither one is back on council so those arguments are moot.

This is a small town in the small community of west Pasco. It is highly unlikely that many of the business people in our community do not have business or personal dealings with others members of the community.

Three members of the City Council, all who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, chose to be fiscally irresponsible. Mike Wells shared the future of the economy for the city and the county and these council people chose to ignore this warning and attempted to spend money irresponsibly.

Beth Louise Fregger,

Port Richey

Effort fixing road seems wasteful

I would like to know why the county paved Oncee Road in Moon Lake.

It has about four houses on it. Manatee Avenue right down the street has about 30 to 40 houses on or near it. The county sends out three to four people twice a month to scrape it. It is just as bad two days later. They have been doing this for 20 years. I would say it is a large waste of our money.

It is time someone looked into Moon Lake's needs. Al Capone does not live here anymore.

Donald R. Talbot,

New Port Richey

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