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Brian Moore has forgotten about the Constitution

Radical change needed for all | Dec. 2, letter

Moore should read the Constitution

Why self-subscribed socialist Brian Moore has forgotten that the Constitution is and always has been the law of the Republic of the United States is beyond me.

Let me remind the former Socialist Party nominee that the Constitution limits the size of our government. This simple statement brings the debate to where it should be. Are you for or against the Constitution?

I have read the Bill of Rights. I have not found the language describing the government's role to provide housing, health, employment or education. This country is trillions of dollars in debt. We have slowly progressed away from the Constitution since somewhere around 1900.

Both Republicans and Democrats are at fault in the total disregard of spending our future generations' money. If we had followed the Constitution as written, we would not have an unsustainable national debt. I also looked up the word "unsustainable.'' I suggest Brian Moore look this word up himself. He may look at limited government in a more favorable way.

Steve Patriquin, Spring Hill

Times are tough: better days ahead | Nov. 26, letter

Where's recovery we hear about?

It never ceases to amaze me that people truly believe there is a recovery going on and that hope is on the way, or that things always right themselves over time.

Perhaps that is true, but once again let's put those opinions into perspective. Just who are they who hold to that premise? Well frankly, in my opinion, and for the most part, they are people of means. That is not the super wealthy but those we could say have much. For example, they have a pension, their Social Security and perhaps investments and most likely a health plan and maybe even a paidup home. Many of them have most likely served their nation or worked long and hard and they have prospered.

However, in my opinion, what they do not see is right under their nose. Yes, in my opinion, they are a product of a strong delusion that they seem to be unable to break free of. They speak of America and they wrap it up neatly in history and the past and know little to nothing of today.

They know nothing of the hardships, the laws, the government actions of today. No, they just cling to their beliefs forged a long time ago in another era. Patriotism, love it or leave it, the best nation on Earth, etc.

Like I said, they may not be doing as well today as they had been but they are still doing okay. Yes, and some are getting very wealthy off the backs of those so-called irresponsible — the new poor, foreclosed types who could not manage their money or finances or should have never had a home to start with, really!

How sad these thoughts — even while many of them thrive buying short sale homes, getting cash for clunkers and milking as much as they can at the local garage sale and bragging about it.

Yes, and jobs, really? How blind can one be? How deaf can one be? What jobs and for whom? Who gets the good ones and what types are left? Trillions in debt and who will pay for it?

Robert Melaccio Sr., Spring Hill

Slow down before a child is injured

I live on a rural dead-end lime rock road in southeast Hernando County. The posted speed is 30 mph. The road is only about one-eighth of a mile long. My house is in the middle and my daughter and granddaughter are across the street.

There are people who live at the end who continue to drive at least 45-50 mph, even after being asked to slow down because of children and animals.

One of our worst fears came true. My 7-month-old silk terrier got out of the fence, and was hit and killed. I only had her about a month. The worst part about it was this person didn't even stop. They knew they had hit her. I'm certain they had to have been going much faster than 30 mph. This time it was a dog. What if it were a child?

Sheryl Spitzer, Masaryktown

Garbage situation not working out

We have a dilemma here on the contract signed by Hernando County on behalf of the Spring Hill homeowners.

This contract mandates Waste Management collect our garbage. Evidently, instead of the county adding it to our property tax, they elected to tell Waste Management to collect from the individual homeowners.

The homeowners or home occupiers have no contract with Waste Management to pay this bill. If the home occupiers don't pay Waste Management, they stop collecting even though it is mandatory for them to do so.

The home occupiers make other arrangements, but still Waste Management bills the homeowners for something they are no longer doing, and threaten them with a lien on their property although they have no contract with them. I wonder what would happen if the county made a contract with Dell with the same mandatory clause in it.

To enforce the Waste Management contract must be illegal, and for them to stop collection must be a breach of contract.

Peter Coucher, Spring Hill

Let's all help Christmas House

We agree with Dan DeWitt (Nov. 29 column) about how the Christmas House needs help and how important it is to Brooksville.

We always take guests there. Last Sunday, we noticed the buildings that need painting and the garden that needs work.

Could some of us help out as volunteers? Even though we are senior citizens, there's lots we could do: painting and garden work for instance.

There would be many others who would give a few hours or days to help. How about mid January, after all the holiday rush is over?

Georgie and Don Adamson, Brooksville

Brian Moore has forgotten about the Constitution 12/02/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 6:12pm]
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