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Brown-Waite fails to serve voters

More wrong than right Aug. 30,

Brown-Waite fails to serve voters

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite has been a good Republican soldier at the expense of original thinking and looking out for the best interests of those who elected her. Unfortunately, by blindly supporting the party line, she has fallen into the trap of propagating and adding to the false and confusing information that is poisoning the atmosphere of honest debate.

How absolutely pathetic that we have a Congress so partisan that self-interest takes precedence over what is in the interest of the country.

To the staff reporters on this article: Keep up the good work. The public relies on you to weed out the senseless drivel and to keep us informed about what is true and what is not.

Ron Matte, Land O'Lakes

Simple solutions elude lawmakers

Nice to see that it took four liberals to go cherry-picking U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's comments and come up with a few they feel are misinformation, as they would say. If the current Obama medical plan gets pushed through, it will open the door to God knows what in the future.

An example is Medicare Part D, thanks to Bush. It did not take long before my Fortune 50 company and most others dropped our good plans. More money for the CEOs, executives and of course the stockholders. A simplistic solution would have been, if bipartisanship could ever be realized, to let the greedy and mismanaged institutions and companies fold. Then that so-called bailout money or economic stimulus, which we don't have anyway, could have been used to return money to the Social Security program and Medicare and Medicaid.

Of course, the latter two programs would have to have the fraud and illegals eliminated. Also, money could be allotted for a new computer system for the Social Security Administration that could prevent prisoners and dead people from receiving checks. More of that available money could have gone to citizens who were/are really in financial trouble.

Too simple for those in Washington, D.C., who know what is good for us.

Karl Maier, Brooksville

Do Republicans care about reform?

Congratulations on your article on the misrepresentations of U.S. Rep Ginny Brown-Waite regarding the health care legislation. She, like McCaughey, Palin, Boehner, and others are so concerned with spreading falsehoods about the bill that I wonder if the Republican Party cares at all about people caught in the present system.

Give us an alternative plan or ditch your own coddled program and experience what the rest of the country is experiencing.

Bob Widmar, Weeki Wachee

11 apply for Pasco County school communication director's job | Aug. 27, article

Fiorentino has been untruthful

Since leaving the Pasco County school system last August I have read many articles about superintendent Heather Fiorentino's actions. The more I read and the more I hear about her decisions, the more I realize how incompetent and untruthful she is. I am concerned that she is having a tremendously negative effect on the district.

In my own case, at the time of my transfer from Gulf High School to the board office, she told the board I was to be a part of her restructuring initiative. Restructuring initiative? Superintendent Fiorentino never spoke to me prior to my transfer nor after my transfer about my role in the restructuring she was supposedly undertaking. In fact, until I asked for an exit interview with her, which took place four days prior to my retirement, she and I never spoke after December 2007, except for a few "hellos" in the hallways. I was placed in the Communications Department to supervise the volunteer program!

Now I read that her different direction for the Communications Department is "to be more proactive and not reactive." Under the previous director, Maureen Moore, many initiatives that had never been done were begun.

• A Communications Guide was developed and a series of meetings was held with district directors, all principals, assistant principals and school-level contacts for communications. The guide gave the local schools the materials they needed to develop their own communications programs. The guide was developed by the Communications Department, reviewed extensively by all district departments (including the superintendent's administrative staff), and finally presented in a very professional binder that was distributed to all schools and departments. The Communications Guide was recognized by Florida as the No. 1 guide in the state.

• For the first time the greater Tampa Bay Spanish media were specially invited to be a part of the Pasco County communications loop. Meetings were held to discuss how the Pasco County Schools could work with the Spanish media to get their message out to the Spanish-speaking community. During the last year many articles and interviews relating to happenings in the Pasco County schools have appeared in various Spanish-speaking media venues.

• A dialogue meeting was held with all local media to be sure both the media and the school system were able to work in tandem when events happened or there were newsworthy events happening.

• A monthly newsletter was sent to the local media listing the good things going on in the district.

• The Communications Department revived a district department recognition program that had become defunct.

• A new program, developed through the Communications Department, allows all Pasco County School Board employees to access goods and services at a reduced rate.

• Through a bid process, which the Communications Department initiated and coordinated, the district saved $360,000 on the phone communications program used to link families with their child's school. This program notifies parents of absences and important information from the school and also gives parents access to their child's grades and assignments.

I am not sure how much more proactive a communications department/director could be. Certainly, Ms. Moore had done much to improve communications.

The article said, "Fiorentino would not speculate on whom she might choose." In reality, I think, Fiorentino knows exactly whom she will choose. I think Ms. Moore came from North Carolina not knowing Fiorentino had in her mind a replacement even before she (Moore) was appointed. Unfortunately, Ms. Moore has to suffer the professional, personal and financial hardships foisted upon her.

Thomas E. Imerson, Palm Harbor

Sheriff's Office fails to respond

I have become dismayed, shocked and appalled at some actions and perceptions portrayed by the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

I live on Town Avenue, in the Longleaf subdivision. On two separate occasions I have called the Sheriff's Office non-emergency phone number to report excessive noise and loud music coming from a local business. And although neither of these calls could be listed as an emergency, I find it to be very disappointing that neither of the calls was answered by a patrol unit.

Over the past month, a local pizzeria on Town Avenue has been featuring a live amplified band on the outside sidewalk. For three of the past four weeks the band has played louder and louder, and well past 10 p.m. Just this past week the music was so loud, that I could hear it in my bedroom, with the windows closed and the air conditioning and television set on.

Sleep was out of the question. So was giving the Sheriff's Office another call, since I was sure based on past experiences that it would go unanswered.

A few weeks ago I spoke with one of the owners and asked if they could turn down the music. I will attempt to quote his comments:

"Go ahead and call the sheriff; I know all those guys anyway, they are friends of mine. I can play as late as I want, and as loud as I want. I hope you have your dancing shoes on. Bob White is a customer; they won't do anything." I hung up on him.

I am shocked and appalled at the prospect of improprieties by Sheriff White and/or his department. I would appreciate his due diligence in this matter, since sleep is important to me.

Mario Caldarola, New Port Richey

Size of corridors a big deal Aug. 30, article

Animals convey their viewpoints

Due to their lack of opposable thumbs, Pasco county's deer, bears, and other wild animals are dictating this letter to me.

They want to address the plan to reduce the width of wildlife corridors. Their message is clear: Don't do it!

Richard Downing, Hudson

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