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Brown-Waite's way out of line

Brown-Waite's way out of line

What kind of delusional thinking does U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite have that she thinks she owns her seat? If memory serves me, I believe she was voted into office by the people in her district. So basically, the seat belongs to the people!

What kind of integrity does Sheriff Richard Nugent possess that he would say "it's her seat and out of respect we did it her way?" Poor.

Brown-Waite said no one asked how she was feeling so she just took matters into her own hands. I most certainly am not part of the Charlie Crist wing of the Republican Party. I'm only a citizen who doesn't like what I'm seeing in my elected officials being part of a sham election, a twisted shell game and once again a citizen who really doesn't have a voice.

Linda Sasse, Spring Hill

Stabins' sleaze is unforgivable

Commissioner Jeff Stabins seems to have risen to a new level of sleaze. He openly criticized Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who is leaving Congress for health reasons. Then he takes an open jab at Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent. Who elected Stabins as the overseer for Republican naysayers?

This is the same man that looked me square in the eye several weeks ago and said he didn't want his public image tarnished. I had begged him for help with problems relating to our fire service and addresses in Nobleton — problems that originated within Hernando County government departments. Stabins said he would not publicly criticize David Hamilton, the county administrator for fear it would defile his own reputation.

How dare Commissioner Stabins. He has been derelict in his own duties to represent the people he was elected to serve in Hernando County. He has maligned his fellow, elected officials in the attempt to increase his own self-worth in the community while doing his own job on a wink and a nod.

Someone needs to kick him off his self-appointed, proverbial soapbox. He has failed to protect the health, safety and welfare of our community. He chose to put himself before the interest of the people he was elected to serve. Mr. Stabins will never get my vote again.

Anna Liisa Covell, Nobleton

Nugent shows he's unfit for seat

Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent's comment that "It was her seat," and "Out of respect for her, we did it her way," is reason enough for Sheriff Nugent to immediately withdraw his candidacy from the campaign for the seat U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite is vacating.

The congressional seat is owned by the people, and not any candidate or incumbent officeholder. For the sheriff to voice that opposite opinion clearly demonstrates his lack of knowledge of how democracy is practiced in America.

Furthermore, the sheriff's last-second filing, paying a $10,400 fee, and the congresswoman's announcement after the deadline, also indicates Sheriff Nugent's penchant for secret deals and turning a blind eye to fairness and an equal playing field, contradictory to his law enforcement position.

Nugent's "We need to move on," and "Let's talk about the issues" statements demonstrate his failure to recognize his own buffoonery and that he has now become the issue of this campaign.

The sheriff never should have accepted this deal in the first place. He hurts his own integrity, and it reflects poorly on the people and the silent press that have stood behind him previously. If the sheriff was worth his salt, he would have urged the congresswoman to have gone public earlier.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

Some in Spring Hill love recycling

One of the greatest problems in this world is generalizations — for example, "these people always do this,'' "that country always does that,'' or " this religion always does the other thing.''

Let me tell columnist Dan DeWitt, not all of the residents of Spring Hill are lazy or ignorant or need carts with wheels to take their recycle bins to the curb.

A lot of us are very upset about the proposed changes in recycling.

Recycling makes us feel good; we feel that we are doing something for our grandchildren and generations to come.

As far as these bins being big enough for two weeks, Ha! Our bins are overloaded each week. Maybe DeWitt is not recycling enough.

Please don't lump all of the residents of Spring Hill into one category. Some of us take great satisfaction in recycling.

Sharon Tomlinson, Spring Hill

Commissioners need reality check

First the majority of commissioners agreed to cut THE Bus service in half during the greatest recession in Hernando's history and now Commissioners Jeff Stabins and Rose Rocco want to cut recycling when the landfill is full. They are totally out of touch with reality.

Hats off to the St. Petersburg Times for keeping all this in the forefront.

Now the commissioners are pointing fingers over the recent announcement of termination of the jail contract.

The state should cut the commissioners' wages to what they are worth.

Give them a yearly postage allowance only and then make them use e-mail.

Doug Adams, Spring Hill

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