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Bullying GOP chief does it again

Bullying GOP chief does it again

Once again we have Bill Bunting making headlines with his methods of intimidation of anybody that does not hold his opinion or affiliation. One previous example of Mr. Bunting's outrageous attempts at intimidating and publicly threatening another was his attack on Mike Fasano for staying loyal to his promised support to Charlie Crist. In spite of the vicious attack, Mike had little opposition in winning a state House seat.

Mr. Bunting also attacked and harassed local volunteer workers for Obama over one small incident demanding all types of retribution and punishment for using school property to mention the name of a candidate in a school setting. The Republican Party's presidential nominee then went on to hold a huge full out rally using school property, a school band and cheerleaders and leaving thousands of dollars in damage. This was a flagrant violation of school policy, but the Republican enforcer did it anyway, supported by a Republican School Board and a Republican superintendent of schools.

Now, Mr. Bunting is attempting to intimidate a young member of a different party over a request to make known his nonpartisan stand on red light cameras, and if this person proceeds he will feel the full force of the omniscient Bunting-led Republican Party of Pasco County.

It appears to me that Mr. Bunting just enjoys waiving his hammer of power for his own personal satisfaction rather than working for constructive change or dialogue.

Everett Houghtalen, New Port Richey

'Bad guy' helps deputy in violent struggle | Jan. 11, article

Words of wisdom we should live by

"I didn't even see him as an officer. I just saw him as a human being in trouble." Wow. This is something we all should see in others no matter what the outside may say.

Thanks, Anthony Stinnett, for such words of wisdom.

Lynn Plazewski, San Antonio

State, not county, regulates guns | Jan. 9, letter

Writer is wrong about gun law

The letter writer is incorrect. The voter initiative passed in 1998 was an amendment to the Florida Constitution. The state statute being referred to in the letter starts with "Except as expressly prohibited by the state constitution."

In other words, this law does not overturn the 1998 constitutional amendment. Therefore, the statement made in the letter that "This [2011 law] includes county options on waiting times" is clearly erroneous. Pinellas, Hillsborough and Hernando have waiting time options in place.

Besides, the Legislature can't pass laws that are unconstitutional. If they do, the Florida Supreme Court may, and should, strike them down. Hence, the checks-and-balance system.

James Quinlan, Wesley Chapel

Kids' mentors deserve a thanks

January is mentor appreciation month. As program manager for Pasco Education Foundation's Take Stock in Children program, I am appreciative of 103 caring individuals.

These volunteers participate in Take Stock in Children, a statewide program that gives Pasco County students, whose families meet income eligibility guidelines, an opportunity to receive up to a four-year college scholarship in partnership with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. A student chosen for the program must adhere to the Florida state requirement of a multi-year commitment to meeting with a mentor on a regular basis, along with maintaining good grades, behavior and attendance.

These 103 Take Stock in Children volunteer mentors are role models dedicated and devoted to their mission of making a difference one child at a time. Our mentors ensure program success by providing continuous motivation, encouragement and, most of all, friendship to our scholars. The Take Stock in Children and Pasco Education Foundation staff wishes to publicly thank our mentors for they are truly some of Pasco County's heroes.

Rosanne Heyser, Land O'Lakes

Kennels fill fast | Jan. 12, article

Volunteers put city to shame

The lack of space at the New Port Richey Animal Protection Unit's temporary facility is only part of the story. Volunteers have not only given their time, they've also had to purchase supplies and equipment with their own money because the city cannot get its act together to provide a means for these critical purchases.

There is no excuse for this. The dogs are only getting the care they need because of the efforts of the volunteers. I know because I'm one of them. Shame on the city.

Jim Loss, Trinity

Time for Nugent to be a real leader

I respect U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent as a fellow American, and have no doubt he's a patriotic American. However, in my opinion he's morphing into a political animal that reflects all that's wrong with America today.

His enthusiasm for taking on the Social Security issue that's been used to extract $2.6 trillion from the paychecks of working Americans (his constituents) in the form of retirement dollar contributions is less than impressive. Our country is crying out for leadership, not from a few citizens who are one of 300 million, but from a member of Congress who is one of 435, and in a position to raise the Social Security issue to the level it deserves.

He not only fails to confront those who've taken 2.6 trillion of our retirement dollars, he's also joined those who hide behind a "no new tax" pledge, in an effort to pretend it never happened. That's not leadership, that's brinkmanship. I know Nugent doesn't serve on the Ways and Means Committee, but he is there to serve his constituents who are impacted daily by this issue.

What is this grandparent suppose to tell his 16 grandchildren, who are being financially water boarded in the name of saving Social Security? That's a question begging an answer, and provides an opportunity for leaders to step up, be real leaders, and offer or support bold solutions. When there's no leadership, there's no direction, and when there's no direction, people lose their way.

You have a significant financial stake in the outcome of this debate. Call U.S. Rep. Nugent and ask him to lead.

James Gries, Homosassa

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You may submit a letter to the editor for possible publication through our website at, or by faxing it to (727) 869-6233, or by mailing it Pasco Times, 11321 U.S. 19, Port Richey, FL 34668. You must include your name, address and phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity, taste and length.

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