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Bunting has been good leader for Pasco GOP

Change in leadership a good sign for GOP | C.T. Bowen column, Dec. 11

Bunting has been good for the GOP

Bill Bunting has consistently carried out the Republican Party platform of less taxes and less government, and if that means not being inclusive, well, that's just too bad.

Bill led Pasco to victory for Republicans with four active offices across the county. He recorded a phone message for Sheriff Bob White. He put together a three-pack mailer for Jack Mariano, Paula O'Neill, and Heather Fiorentino. Hillsborough and Pinellas lost their counties for McCain.

About 60 new volunteers are submitting applications to join the Republican Executive Committee, thanks to Bill. I don't think any other county will be bringing on as many.

Of course, the Times is concerned about the Republican Party getting involved with nonpartisan elections. We helped Cathi Compton to almost defeat the teacher's-union supported, Penny for Pasco leader Allen Altman in the School Board race with the $5,000 given to Compton. Altman raised $117,000 to Compton's $28,000. He won by only 175 votes. We should have given her more. You have a legal right to endorse in your newspaper. Republicans have a legal right to endorse as well.

The complaint about not contributing to Steve Simon makes no sense. Simon had raised $115,000, spent about $109,000, and Cox beat him with $74,000 in contributions.

The opposition to the Penny for Pasco was hardly knee-jerk. A tax is a tax.

Bill is proud to be associated with Reaganomics and the Second Amendment. He has served the Republican Party well as chairman and will continue to serve well as state committeeman and finance chair if appointed. He stands on an excellent record of fighting for Republican principles just as Ronald Reagan did.

Ann Bunting, Bayonet Point

Web site glitch stifles comments

I am compelled by my sense of civic duty to make public my frustration and outrage with the apparent protection-from-constituent shield surrounding my U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis. I have made several unsuccessful attempts over the past year to contact Bilirakis via his official House Web site to formally register my views on specific upcoming legislative issues.

After summarizing my views within the Web site's prescribed format, I was required to include my "Zip Code + 4'' to submit. My send command was then rewarded with the erroneous message that since I was not a constituent of Congressman Bilirakis, my message would not be submitted! Okay, I never voted for Bilirakis based on policy differences, but I do know that he is my representative.

As in past failed attempts to contact Bilirakis via e-mail, I resorted to calling his office to register my views. It should also be noted that Congressman Bilirakis is the only federal representative in west Pasco that does not provide a toll-free phone number. Pasco constituents must pay to phone their representative in either his Tampa or Washington offices.

His Tampa staff member, Diane, has been courteous and helpful each time I called, but I was shocked to learn the official Web site issues I have been experiencing have been reported by other constituents for over two years. Although Diane indicated the maintenance of this Web site is the responsibility of the House of Representatives, two years or more of preventable roadblocks to constituent feedback are unacceptable.

This appears to be one more example of why congressional districts should not cut through and divide so many neighborhoods, communities, and counties. Even the representatives don't know who they really serve!

Cindy Fargo, New Port Richey

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