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California land trust's interest in Pasco is questionable

Land trust's actions anger county officials | May 14, article

Land trust is questionable

William L. Smith III says he's the emissary of the so-called (818) 239-2215 Land Trust, a mysterious California outfit. Does anyone seriously believe this? Why would some rich, yacht-based people in California go to all this trouble to chisel a few thousand dollars out of some Pasco residents?

It will eventually come to light that this land trust and its board are nothing more than Smith himself and the oblique contact methods are designed to cover it up.

I have lived in California and, believe me, no one lives on a yacht "10 miles off the coast" unless they're going to and from somewhere like the Catalina Islands or Hawaii. And the yacht had better be mighty seaworthy.

Pete Wilford, Holiday

Editor's note: William Smith has said he is not a member of the (818) 239-2215 Land Trust.

Please bring out those blue bags | April 30, letter

Winn-Dixie still open in market

There are four major supermarkets in the area. Did the letter writer forget Winn-Dixie? They have been in the area longer than some of the other supermarkets have even existed. They have blue bags.

The letter writer should check out her local Winn-Dixie. She will be pleasantly surprised.

Nancy Bowen, Holiday

Buses can't use private property

Pasco County Schools are dropping off busloads of children on a daily basis in private parking lots without the owners' permission. The schools cover up this by not posting the real address of these stops on its Web site of bus stop routes.

We recently were told after three years that our bus stop was incorrect. How is that so? Well, you see the bus stop was listed as Patrician and Riverchase drives. The bus wasn't stopping on the correct street, Patrician, which, according to Pasco County Schools, is the first street name listed while the second listed street, Riverchase, is the cross street.

I was told that switching the bus stop to Riverchase at Patrician could not be done because Florida law requires the bus to have its flashing lights on for 200 feet after turning the corner before stopping at a bus stop.

After nearly two weeks of constant battling, an alternate stop was agreed upon by all.

Then I noticed other buses are actually letting off the elementary, middle and high school students in a shopping center on Little Road. I immediately checked the bus stop routes to see if this is the listed bus stop. Of course, it is not. The bus stop listed is actually a corner near the shopping center.

I e-mailed the Pasco County School District and asked why it is not letting off children at the prescribed stop and asked if they have the owner's permission to let kids off on private property. No response after two weeks.

I called the property owner. He is very unhappy and can't believe the school district would do this. After all, it's a huge liability to have these buses and children on his property.

I called the district and every administrator I talked to admitted they know of the situation and that, in fact, many other buses let children off in private parking lots. I asked why they keep the bus stop listed incorrectly if they stop in privately owned shopping centers. I asked if they had permission from these owners. They did not answer the questions. One administrator actually told me it's not my business.

It is my business as a citizen and taxpayer of Pasco County to know why the school district is not consistent with its policy and why it is trespassing.

Shopping center owners deserve to know about this huge liability.

Michelle Leonick,

New Port Richey

Hurried drivers on my bumper | May 14, letter

If you move over, she won't tailgate

I am the one close to your bumper, running late for work, you are the one in the left lane refusing to speed up or move to the right.

I am 53, you are 73 or 83. I know I should have left the house sooner, but here I am trying to make a 40-minute commute in 30 minutes. Why don't you move to the right so I can go by? I am not a dangerous driver, just a little late.

Kathy Drain, Port Richey

We grind up natural treasures for mulch | May 9 Dan DeWitt column

Use hemlock, not cedar for mulch

Canada does it, too. Our red cedars have all but disappeared due to the demand for mulch.

Hemlock would be a much more sustainable alternative. Why they don't do it we don't know. I think we have lived in the best years of our planet. Now everything is dying.

Maryrose Marshall, Tullahoma, Tenn.

California land trust's interest in Pasco is questionable 05/15/08 [Last modified: Thursday, May 22, 2008 5:17pm]
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