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Can extra Penny for Pasco funds help save county libraries?

Use extra funds to help library

What good news about the extra $30 million available from Penny for Pasco. How about adding the Centennial Library in Holiday to the new, improved project list?

About $6 million can be reallocated to new public safety projects. Surely public libraries fall within the broad domain of public safety since they are the linchpin institutions of democracy. Without them, our society is less safe and more vulnerable to ignorance, cultural stagnation, and higher unemployment.

Today's employers post jobs online and expect job seekers to submit applications electronically. People who cannot afford a personal computer or Internet access rely on public libraries for access to jobs. With Pasco's unemployment rate hovering around 13 percent, savings on over-budgeted transportation projects and the extra millions from Penny for Pasco should move commissioners to maintain the Centennial Library and increase funding for other county libraries.

Previously, Commissioner Ann Hildebrand, said, "I wish there was a way to keep the library open." Thanks to the unexpected millions in revenue, there is a way to make the commissioner's wish come true. It's the right thing to do.

Carmine Bell, Hudson

Parents, it's worth it to work together

Two miles is a long walk; backpacks are heavy and weather is unpredictable. Traffic is also a safety concern when children are walking or riding bicycles to school. It is the parent's responsibility to see that a child arrives at school safely and on time. It is also a parent's responsibility to see that the child is picked up on time and arrives safely at home.

In River Ridge we had the same issue when our children started middle school. A group of mothers decided the best solution was to share responsibility. We took turns driving according to our work schedules and family obligations. Some were unable to share the driving but did chip in on the gas. It wasn't always convenient but we made sure our children had transportation to and from school each day. We also made sure no child went home to an empty home. If a parent was going to be out after school arrangements were made for that child to go to another parent's home.

You can work it out if you work together.

Patty Stead, Trinity

Sheriff should not influence election

What does the law state regarding an elected official using his office and position to advance the political career of someone else?

My taxes are paying for the sheriff to use his facilities to promote another Republican? I thought that law enforcement was not supposed to show any bias toward or against any segment of the public.

This is just wrong.

Cindy Lang, New Port Richey

Can extra Penny for Pasco funds help save county libraries? 08/24/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 9:26pm]
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