Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Candidate replies for Aug. 15

Editor's note: The Tampa Bay Times offers candidates not recommended by the editorial board an opportunity to reply.

Marc Yacht

School Board

Why I am running? As a physician, I hope to bring medical expertise to the School Board. My review of health policy is needed.

I would advocate the protection of resources. Florida ranks among the lowest in the nation for public school funding. Enhanced funding is required, not adjusting to cuts.

Further hemorrhaging of public school resources continues with charter school growth and voucher credits. I am concerned that many charter schools have relationships with legislators and contractual agreements that suggest conflicts. These relationships should be investigated. Over one third of charter schools have closed while new ones open. Where's the money?

I argue for reasonable teacher accountability. Value-added models and other tools have proven inadequate and unfair. Aspects of the child's home environment, poverty, and intelligence must be factored into evaluations.

I am running to change the mind-set and add a different voice to the Pasco County School Board.

Henry Wilson

County Commission

Henry Wilson Jr. has been a faithful commissioner standing up and fighting for what is right for the citizens of Pasco. He has worked hard and proven himself as a leader. The last Thursday of the month he works in a different county department to get a more rounded view to make his decisions.

Wilson has brought the issue of franchising before the board many times and each time the idea is ignored by his fellow commissioners. The same haulers who oppose this idea to the other commissioners are the same ones who have sat in his office and agreed with his plan.

Henry reads every page of every budget and makes sure that the tax dollars are spent appropriately; he does not hesitate to question staff. He will not be pressured by any other commissioner to make a decision before all the facts are collected and questions are answered.


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