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Candidates respond to election recommendations

Editor's note: Candidates not recommended by the Tampa Bay Times in the April 9 municipal elections are given an opportunity to reply.

Bob Langford

New Port Richey council

I will start with quoting part of the last paragraph of the March 24 recommendation. "Re-electing Langford and/or returning Miller to council is an inoffensive endorsement of the status quo that would capitalize on government experience and ensure stability."

I say that experience and ensuring stability are good things. I'm proud of my achievements while on council and I've proved leadership capabilities, especially last year while facing the worst budget choices in recent memory. I've been part of a council that has selected the Pasco Economic Development Council as some extra new eyes and ideas needed to help us grow and move forward in a positive way. We will be increasing our tax base with the Hacienda, new business center and the Harbors market plan issued by the Pasco County Commission.

I look forward to serving you for the next three years. Vote for Bob Langford, moving forward, not status quo.

Michael Malterer

New Port Richey council

Thank you for the opportunity to respond. I would have been happy to respond to these concerns had they been raised during the interview process, but unfortunately, they were not.

I advocate for making New Port Richey safer and more business friendly.

Red light cameras cause more crashes and therefore raise insurance premiums. I will not waiver in my opposition to them because safety is not something that should be sacrificed for any paltry amount of money.

I am pledging to make New Port Richey more business friendly. I do not advocate for making any hasty investments in the development department. I believe that we need to revise the permitting process and offer tax incentives for private developers.

Regardless of what the Tampa Bay Times says, no one will work harder than Michael Malterer to make New Port Richey the best place in Florida to work, live and shop. On April 9, I need your vote.

Ginny Miller

New Port Richey council

Thank you for recognizing the voters of New Port Richey who continue to support my steady leadership on their behalf.

Our residential neighborhoods have always driven my commitment on city council. I warned four years ago that we neglect them at our own peril. Our city (including downtown) will not survive unless our neighborhood residents are secure.

Progress on this front means taking a new look at our public safety services. I will work toward that goal and diligently present the taxpayers with progressive options.

The choices we make on April 9 will determine how we move forward as a city. I stand ready as always to face the challenges and work hard to resolve them.

Jeff Starkey

New Port Richey council

Although I was not recommended, I thank you for the kind words.

New Port Richey is at a critical junction right now. I found it interesting that you did not mention "leadership" anywhere in your recommendation. At the age of 38, I am a lifelong vested resident of New Port Richey, an accomplished business owner and I possess the leadership skills that New Port Richey needs. My family also owned a business in downtown New Port Richey for over 30 years. This is where my insurance career started. Along with having family ties to a downtown business, I also bring younger viewpoints to a City Council that is ready for change.

I urge readers to make their own choice when they cast their votes. There are two open seats for City Council. If I am elected to one of those seats, it will be a positive move in the right direction for the city of New Port Richey.

Jon Tietz

New Port Richey council

New Port Richey is a place that people want to live. When someone buys a home here, they should receive an informational packet that talks about debris pickup, our libraries, rec center, public works projects, city parks, canoe launches, bike trails, and how to become part of our community to keep it vibrant and safe.

It should include green initiatives and my proposed energy rebate program, funded by the 10 percent in taxes that you pay on your electric bill. Whatever Progress Energy gives back as a rebate in their "home energy improvement program" the city will simply double it. We are and should be a green city and this will help achieve that goal.

There are many reasons to move here and I believe my master's degree from the University of Florida will help me bring these resources to the forefront. I need your vote on April 9.

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